Are You Appreciating God’s Architecture?

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The other day I was listening to the radio and pondering God’s architecture. Specifically, human beings, and how God is personally invested in each one He creates. The scripture says He knit us together in our mothers’ wombs. (Psalm 139:13) That means we are so much more than a plan in the back of His mind that He threw together! Architecture takes careful thought. It’s not simply about building a structure – there are aspects of art and science to consider. There is a process to planning the design and putting each piece together in the right place at the right time. The architect must be intentional in order to create a magnificent structure that can fulfill it’s purpose. God built us all strong. Sturdy. Stunning. It makes me smile big when I think of how I am a work of art shaped by an amazing Creator! That I was made – with hands of love – into something special. I’m not ordinary; I’m unique. And I’m cherished by the Master Architect!  Then my pondering turned to reflection. I felt God questioning me. Was I appreciating all His architecture?    What about that person at work who is constantly annoying, … Read More

Safety, Security and Protection

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As the last couple of weeks progressed, I was gifted with a several interactions that begged my longing heart to desire something I hadn’t even thought of in a while. Each person markedly rare and so beautifully distinct in the way they were crafted, their mannerisms and the way they speak—that I can’t help but grin from ear to ear as the thought of them blesses my thoughts. Ironically, as unique as each of them is from one another, they are individually called to journey in similar directions and professions. On the whole, they each have enjoyed many years of walking with the Lord and without fail every time I meet with one of these people my heart, soul and mind feel like they have uncovered a treasure of infinite value (I chuckle as I write that…indeed it is infinite—as God is…because knowledge of Him through the journey of each of these loving people is one piece of the treasure I get to bring with me when we part.). As I listened to the reminiscing of people who have walked the redemption road for a while and whose lives have been marked with the unmistakable characteristic of the joy of … Read More

At the Table

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An interesting question was posed—(and I’m paraphrasing) what example does the bible give that is contrary to how the world exists today… As soon as we were given freedom to chat among ourselves answers were fired out left and right…slowing down only to give the address of where it is found in the bible. Answer after answer; example after example—those things that showed that life needed to be lived opposite of how the world survived was unmistakable. I thought my friend captured the essence of what we were seeking well—desiring relationship with Christ instead of being seduced by the charms of the world that we live is a very real and daily battle. As I listened to the discussion and smiled at the truths that were being shared, I looked to another friend sitting at the table and I saw her heart breaking for a woman sitting right next to her—I was struck by the tangible presence of God in that moment—my friend’s eyes locked onto the one who’s heart was pouring out and nothing else in the world mattered to her at that moment— My heart felt like it was doing backflips of joy! As I grinned ear to … Read More