Fear and Trust

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I have a daughter who is very involved with different activities in school. When she is passionate about something, there is very little that will get in her way of being involved which to me is utterly fantastic. However, as a teenager, there is much she needs to learn about communicating her needs in a clear way. Though I completely understand that in the logical part of my brain…it was a flat out wrestling match for me to stay in control of my fears. My child is in High School and as a result of one of those activities that she loves so much had volunteered as part of her feelings of sheer enjoyment of what she gets to be a part of…sounds great—right? I think it is fantastic. However, her planning and communication for the said event left a bit to be desired. It was in this planning that I had received an unexpected gift, the opportunity to surrender. Truth be told, I want desperately to have every action that I make to be bathed in prayer and every thought to be anointed by the Holy Spirit. Though the reality is that there are so many times when I, … Read More

Do You REALLY Believe in the Resurrection?

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The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is a story that church goers have heard over and over. We celebrate it each spring. We sing songs about it. We tell the story in movies, pageants, and books.  Somewhere in the two thousand years since Jesus’ resurrection, we have lost something.  Early Christ-followers were so convinced of the resurrection that they risked their lives to spread the news. They were chained in dirty, filthy prisons for speaking of Jesus in public. As soon as they were released, they spoke of Him again. They could not contain the burning fire in their souls that demanded that they speak. They saw healing, deliverance, and complete transformations as the power of Jesus’ resurrection met everyday people. When was the last time you or I saw any of those miracles? When was the last time we saw a person freed from the chains of sin after encountering Jesus? When was the last time we saw the Word of God used in prayer with dramatic results? Well, maybe we really don’t believe in the resurrection like we say we do. Maybe our churches are declining because we have never seen God’s resurrection power in action. Maybe our lack … Read More

Does God Answer MY Prayers?

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Their daughter was dead. A heartbroken mother and father had just watched their daughter take her dying breath. Her body was still. No longer did it vibrate with her infectious laughter. No longer did her smile brighten the room. Her life was gone, leaving only a decaying, empty shell behind. Then Jesus and a few disciples entered the room. He announced that she was only sleeping. Suddenly, her lifeless gray body began to show signs of life. Pink roses began to bloom in the color of her cheeks. Her chest rose and fell with each new breath.  She opened her eyes and cried “Mommy! Daddy!”  Her parents collapsed on her bed with the joy of her new life. They embraced her with a joy equal in intensity to their grief of just moments earlier. Her eyes sparkled again. She was back!! (Story found in Luke 8.) Today, we read about miracles likes these and wonder why we don’t see them happen anymore…why we don’t have the “praying power” that the apostles and early Christians had. There are many reasons why we don’t see answers to prayers. Maybe we harbor a known sin. Maybe we refuse to forgive someone who has wronged … Read More