Because I Am His

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I was sitting in church in Phoenix, Arizona in August of 2015, and I felt more out of place than ever. It was an odd feeling for me as I had grown up a pastors daughter. In my child hood I slept between the pews as often as I slept in my own bed. So it was a foreign concept that I should feel out of place in church. I had just graduated high school and was attending my first year of college. I had been asked to help with the worship department of a new church plant in the city. I had met with the pastors and enthusiastically agreed to help but in my head I was groaning due to the suffocating obligation I felt to be a part of church ministry. The spring before I had just confided to my parents that I had been sexually abused, raped, by a family friend of ours for almost my entire time in high school. And I had just started my journey to healing. Looking back now I had no idea how in over my head I was about to be as I worked through the pain and hardship of overcoming … Read More

My Secret Admirer Knows Me Better Than My Husband Does

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I have a secret admirer.  It feels really weird to write that on a Christian blog, but it’s true. My secret admirer knows everything there is to know about me.  He’s studied all of my hopes and dreams.  He knows what makes me happy, and what make me laugh.  He knows all of the nitty gritty details of my past, and he longs to be a part of my future.  He knows what scares me, what discourages me, what makes me insecure, and he spends every moment he can, keeping track of those details.  He remembers important dates too, and reminds me of them often.  My secret admirer is kind of obsessed with me.  My secret admirer studies me almost constantly, and he knows more about me than anyone else on this earth; even my husband. At first glance, my secret admirer is quite charming, how could he not be? He KNOWS me.  Like, every single intimate detail of me.  Sometimes it feels like he knows me better than I know myself, but that’s because he wants me. He wants me more than just about anyone ever has, or ever will.  He doesn’t even seem creepy most of the time…no, he’s far smarter … Read More