I Have 586 Friends, So Why Do I Feel So Alone?

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Night threatened to creep into another morning, and I sat in the stillness of that moment, phone in hand. It wasn’t the best decision I’ve ever made, but it’s something I often do, out of habit.  My family was sound asleep all around me, but instead of using my time wisely (for something incredible like sleeping) I scrolled, and scrolled, until the statuses rolling by, turned into tears that stung my cheeks. I have 586 friends, so why do I feel so alone? My newsfeed showed me things that left me feeling the exact opposite of the connections my heart so desperately longs for: Another group of friends, gathered joyously without me. Friends that live a mere 10 minutes away but haven’t so much as called in months. Maybe they don’t enjoy my company like they used to? Maybe I’m too different these days. Maybe I talk about myself too much, or complain too much to be fun anymore. Maybe that’s why they don’t respond to my texts or invitations. Maybe they have new best friends and the season of life that included our friendship has passed into something different? Another vacation we can never afford. Those people are somewhere warm, happy, … Read More

Lessons in Love from my Mom

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Mother’s Day. It can be a sensitive day. Many women long to be a mother, but some wait in the desert of infertility wondering when life will come. Others have lost precious little ones. Some mothers are estranged from their children, and some children are disillusioned by the poor example or absence of their mother. Still others, like myself, mourn the always-too-early-loss of the woman who gave them life. I lost my mom when she was forty-four years young, but if she had been ninety-nine, I am sure my world would feel just as empty. Perhaps for you, today is sheer celebration of joy and love, as it should be. Regardless, this day spurs reflection for many. This Mother’s Day has me reflecting on what my own momma taught me in the twenty-two years I had her. My mother was a special woman, quick-tempered, but quicker to love and laugh. She taught me many things about living and loving. Three things stick out to me in particular. Love is in the details. My mom had a knack for making me and others feel special. When I was a child, it was making a favorite meal or hiding a note in … Read More

Questioning Goodness

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I don’t know about you, though often when I’m asked a question or start my mind thinking on a topic, my brain goes a thousand different directions all at once or within nano-seconds of the initial processing point. As was the case when I was listening to a discussion about how and when we began questioning God’s command. Very quickly the root of the problem was brought back thousands of years to Adam and Eve in the garden. How God had given them a perfect and beautiful home. How they were companions designed to complement and complete each other in relationship with God. And then how the day came when the enemy approached Eve in the form of a serpent and through the seeds of doubt he planted; made room for Eve to question God’s leading. I can imagine her thinking for the first time, “I thought the Creator was loving…though now, I think He’s hiding something good from us.” With every passing moment the doubt grew in her mind and her thinking quickly got tainted from the insertion of that toxic belief. If Eve was anything like me (which in this moment I venture to guess she was), that … Read More

The Gift of Being Seen

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Seems pretty intriguing that I have spent most of my life trying to be as inconspicuous as possible-trying to fly under the radar-keeping those around me as content as possible so that no attention is drawn to me…and now I am here declaring that I was given the intensely edifying gift of being seen. I grew up in a household where all types of abuse were not only acceptable but practiced and because of those circumstances I learned and embraced the ability to be invisible. Thankfully, a few years ago I had one lady in my life who was willing to lift the glasses of survival and lies and help me to see and accept the reality of what I was living in and accepting as normal. She will always be who I see in my own head as the beautiful beginning of my journey- In this past year, I had been feeling God’s lead to step into more relationships that were authentic and honorable. Relationships that were genuine and where I could show up with myself-relationships that would allow me to be whom God made me to be-relationships that I didn’t have to be a chameleon to fit in … Read More

Marriage Is A Lot Like Bodybuilding

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During a conversation with a pastor last week, a thought came upon my heart.  Marriage is a lot like bodybuilding.  It might seem odd that I would compare marriage to bodybuilding especially considering that I haven’t exercised on purpose, in years. The last time I went to the gym my 11 year old, was a newborn, and the last time I went for a brisk walk, I was hoping to go into labor with my middle child (she’ll be 6 next month.) I followed every one of those miles around the track that summer, with a few unproductive contractions, and a “love it” sized ice cream from Coldstone.  Some might see that as counter productive, but whatever.  There was peanut butter in the ice cream, and there’s protein in peanut butter.  We all know that protein is good for you, so I see that as a win. If I’m being honest though, exercise really isn’t my thing. It’s difficult, it’s exhausting, it takes work, it leaves you sweaty, the results take forever.  Being unfit and even lazy is easy, but exercise is hard work and I’m just not willing to put in the effort, but even if I’m not really into fitness I still know enough to make the … Read More