5 Powerful Prayers to Pray Over Our Goals

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  Welcome Back!  The previous week we talked about how God helps us make plans for success.  Goal setting can be tough, because it asks tough questions about ourselves. Was I successful? What did I accomplish or haven’t accomplished in the past year? I hope you will share your goals and what word you picked for the year. Picking a word helps give our year more direction, purpose and vision not only for ourself but our families as well. The word I picked for 2017 is Victory. A journey of victory is not to be enslaved by our circumstances or ways of the world but to be victorious no matter what. Victory is such a powerful word. It encapsulates all areas of life, whether it be financial victory or victory from whatever is going on in the world, it is possible to be victorious when we have Jesus. Others have shared their word with me; Presence, Hope, Believe and Restored. Whatever your word is, I pray you are able to apply it to all areas of your life to live fully in your word that God has picked for you. Goal Writing Tips: When making goals ask yourself these two important questions. 1. Are these goals adding value to my … Read More

My Journey with New Year’s Resolutions

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January. It’s always kind of a bummer month in Alaska. The holidays are over, I am paler than ever, and probably a few pounds heavier from the holidays. It is cold and dark, and shaving my legs has become a habit of old. However, January holds one of my most sacred traditions — it is the month I dream and set and share my New Year’s goals. While it’s just another month to many, it is, to me, like a graduation ceremony, a symbolic culmination of one chapter and the commencement of the next. I have always loved the cycle of seasons and new days the Lord lavished on us when he created the world and the way it works. He gives away new chances like they don’t cost him a thing, and they arrive to us as bright and beautiful as the recent freshly-fallen snow. His constant creation of newness drives me to dream of what could be. When I was in college, I was a student to a very special professor. She has since passed away, but she inspired and helped develop a habit in my life that will be a part of her legacy. At the beginning of each semester, she challenged … Read More