The Joy of Less: Making Room for What Matters Most

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 “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.  they must be felt with the heart.”  Quote Hellen Keller Has God ever asked you to walk away from it all?  To give everything up and walk in a totally different direction? That is our story.  It all started three years ago when God starting working fervently in our hearts.  In fact God did a complete overhaul and did the impossible, transforming our hearts.  It all started with a prayer. God I pray that your desires will be my desires.  I pray my heart will be filled with what you desire for me. Be careful what you pray for. That prayer opened the door for God to do something amazing.  It allowed him to orchestrate the impossible.  God asked me a very tough question, “Will you allow me to be the one to fill you with more of what I have planned for you?  Will you trust me to lead you to the best life ever?” What God was asking us to do, was a tall order.  He was asking us to walk away from the life we had been working toward, that we had built over … Read More