“Remember Who You Are”

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“Remember who you are,” my dad told my older sister as she was getting ready to stretch her wings into adulthood. To my little-girl ears, it made no sense. How could someone forget who they are? Do they forget their name? Where they live? I asked my dad to explain, but I didn’t understand until I was the one venturing into adulthood. Finally, it clicked. My dad, a man of few words, was telling us to remember what he and our mom had taught us. He was telling us to remember that we represented the family. He was telling us to make him proud by being a good example of a Christ-follower. (I Timothy 4:12) I am my father’s daughter. As a child, I knew he would always provide for my needs. I didn’t have to sit outside because I knew I had the right to eat dinner at his table. I didn’t have to live as an orphan because I had a father who loved me. If I needed something, I just had to ask. Even today, he is there when I need him. Our Heavenly Father also tells us, “Remember who you are.” We have been adopted into … Read More

7 Things The Enemy Can Never Change

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Lately, it seems everywhere I look I see the enemy reeking havoc in this world.  I see his relentless attacks on marriages and relationships.  There is nothing holding the enemy back from targeting our children, the helpless, the vulnerable.  The enemy has been coming on fierce and strong using all tactics to carry out his evil plan to make us believe his lies.  Sometimes I fall victim to what the enemy is trying to do.  I become weak and weary from fighting against his evil schemes. Then God reminds me, there is nothing the enemy can do to ever change what He has already done for us.  We can rest in His plan, that one day there will be no more sorrow, or pain that we can rejoice because of what He has done for us (Rev. 21:4). God reminds me in my weariness, that my fight isn’t against flesh and blood, but against all the powers of this dark world (Eph. 6:12).  He tells me to keep fighting the right fight with my prayers, not my weak self.  He tells me to keep standing firm in his truth;  it will protect and provide me with peace. No matter how bad things get in this … Read More

Who Am I?

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I am a parent and a spouse. I am a writer, a teacher, and a photographer wannabe. I am a woman. Depending on your beliefs, the last statement could either boost my credibility or diminish it. If you secretly believe that women are better than men, you will listen to what I have to say. If you secretly believe that men are superior, then you will dismiss my thoughts and opinions because I am “just a woman”. I was fortunate to be raised by parents who didn’t think my female gender made me less than or better than anyone else. My dad was raised by a mother who engaged him at an intellectual level. My mom was raised by a father who valued her and her mind. In turn, they both taught me that I could do whatever I set my mind to, as long as I was following God’s leading. What about those who were taught that men are superior? Will they have the boldness to pursue their dreams, their God-given potential? Will they melt away into the shadows of empty submission to boastful men? What about those who were taught that they were superior to men? Will they have … Read More

Beautiful Weekend

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It was a beautiful weekend— The sun shined radiantly on the mountains each day and even when the rain came down it was warm and refreshing on my skin. Psalm 104:24 “O LORD, how manifold are your works! In wisdom you have made them all: the earth is full of your riches.” I was invited to a retreat for women by my Besty and without knowing any other person who was going to be there, who the speaker was going to be, nor really any detail at all—I accepted…purely because of her. These last couple of months have been pretty rough for me personally. Different situations going on were just crazy-making. I felt like so much time had been spent asking God for clarity, guidance and strength…asking for understanding, wisdom and to help me get out of the way…and yet I was so tired. In my prayer time I kept giving these things over to God, though daily or maybe even multiple times daily, I found myself taking back these situations that I had given to God, trying to manage them myself. These things weighed heavy on my heart, mind and emotions so the prospect of spending a couple of … Read More

A Different Perspective

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For years I looked to others to get my example of what is good, right and true. I knew that just about every situation that I came across had to be seen and approached from a different point of view. A perspective that was so new to me that it felt like everything had to be looked at upside-down. What I always knew was right now turns out to be wrong. Those behaviors that used to be encouraged are now frowned upon…everything was foreign. A new language— A new outlook— New customs— A totally new way of life. In learning what it looked like to do things that were good, right and godly—I did what I assumed others did when they were immersed in a foreign land—I watched those around me intensely. I tried to learn the language and culture by listening to how they talked and interacted. It was in some ways easier because many words sounded the same. Though in that same way learning the language was immensely difficult because the tainted view that I previously knew; stained those words that now was being said with affection and acceptance; like love and trust. I knew that the majority … Read More

My Secret Admirer Knows Me Better Than My Husband Does

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I have a secret admirer.  It feels really weird to write that on a Christian blog, but it’s true. My secret admirer knows everything there is to know about me.  He’s studied all of my hopes and dreams.  He knows what makes me happy, and what make me laugh.  He knows all of the nitty gritty details of my past, and he longs to be a part of my future.  He knows what scares me, what discourages me, what makes me insecure, and he spends every moment he can, keeping track of those details.  He remembers important dates too, and reminds me of them often.  My secret admirer is kind of obsessed with me.  My secret admirer studies me almost constantly, and he knows more about me than anyone else on this earth; even my husband. At first glance, my secret admirer is quite charming, how could he not be? He KNOWS me.  Like, every single intimate detail of me.  Sometimes it feels like he knows me better than I know myself, but that’s because he wants me. He wants me more than just about anyone ever has, or ever will.  He doesn’t even seem creepy most of the time…no, he’s far smarter … Read More

Misplaced Identity, Part 2 (So Who Are You, Really?)

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In Part 1, we talked about how the human identities we wear fall short when we look to them for  fulfillment. Our career, occupation, ethnicity, gender, orientation and relationships can provide enjoyment, but they do not satisfy our deepest needs. We need something more. Something lasting. Before our oldest daughter was born, my mom and I did an online Bible study from Beth Moore called “Believing God”. Beth had all the participants say a “Five-Statement Pledge of Faith” that we had to say regularly. The third statement applies to this discussion of identity. All these years later, it is the biggest thing I took away from that study. She made us say: “I am who God says I am.” THIS is the identity that fulfills. Let’s look at who He says I am… A creation in God’s image. “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”  –Genesis 1:27 Here, God states TWICE that we are created in His image. We are not random accidents of biology. He created us in His image because He longs for our companionship.  Psalm 139:14 says, “I praise you because I … Read More

Misplaced Identity, Part 1 (Is That Really You?)

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As human beings, we constantly try to make sense of the world around us. From an early age, our parents give us names for important things: blanket, ball, dog, dolly. As we grow older, we learn to classify plants and animals. We learn about the different nations and cultures. We try to make sense of people by classifying them into different religions, cultures, sub-cultures, personality types, races, etc. Eventually, we give ourselves labels—or identities—to help us discover where we fit into the world around us. We identify ourselves by many different things: ·         Marital status ·         Occupation ·         Parenthood ·         Family ·         Economic status ·         Religion ·         Nationality ·         Ethnic group ·         Gender ·         Sexual orientation ·         Life experiences: tragedy, abuse, hardship Sometimes our identities were given to us at birth. I was born from a European heritage. My skin resists tanning like water repels oil. My temperament is strikingly similar to others in my family. I was born with tendencies to struggle in certain areas of sin. Some identities come to us through choices. I chose to marry my husband. We chose to have children. We choose, to some extent, where we live and what we do for a … Read More