Conferences, Prayer, & Talking with Strangers: Fusion 2017

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Every time I am involved in Fusion Alaska, the statewide youth conference, I see God do amazing things. I’m a firm believer that we can learn something from any environment, and though this is an event for students, I always come away with something valuable. Last year at Fusion, I learned some lessons in humility. The year before, I was blessed by the generous, giving hearts of all the volunteers. My first year being involved, I learned how to be brave, since it was my first experience teaching breakout classes! This past week God didn’t really do anything major in my life.  My heart is full of many small, treasured moments, from seeing kids saved and healed, to witnessing personal messages from God being delivered, to watching my friends do something brave, to teaching and chatting with students in my classes. I was terribly disappointed that I couldn’t participate on the last day due to schedule conflicts, but being absent didn’t diminish my experience. For me, the blessings came in the reminder of some things I already knew, and that for me was s a big deal. Little things like: Prayer really is timeless. Some of the items I prayed … Read More

Glue and Paper: Lessons in Purity

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Glue can be a great thing when you need something to stick. It holds precious pictures in a scrapbook. It reattaches the corner our kids knocked off our dining room chair. Glue can also be destructive…like when my kiddo smeared glue in her math book. Or when my favorite picture was glued into a child’s art project. No amount of careful manipulation could prevent the inevitable tears. Try gluing two pieces of paper together. The glue makes them stronger and sturdier together. Then try tearing them apart. The glue will shred the two papers as they rip apart. Like glue, sex can strengthen a marriage bond, carry a married couple through hard times, and of course, produce beautiful, sweet babies. Misused sex, however, becomes terribly destructive.  God designed sex as a gift to marriage. It is wonderful and beautiful. Satan wants to manipulate God’s gifts until they become perverted, twisted, and destructive. The same glue that made the two papers stronger can also cause the papers’ destruction. Satan doesn’t want us to be whole. He wants us to be torn and wounded by casual sex, sexual abuse, pornography, and sex outside of marriage. The more we misuse sex, the more … Read More

Music, Laughter, and a Dash of Humility: Fusion 2016

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Humility comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I learned that last weekend at Fusion Alaska, the statewide youth conference. My days started at 6am and ended about 10pm. I rose early to cook meals, pray over the event, and prep for my classes. I had errands to run. I had teens to feed and transport. I had normal responsibilities at home. As a mom, I can handle a little chaos. Sometimes, we even thrive on it! But this time I was far from thriving. I had developed a cold that made my head hurt, my throat sore and my body temperature constantly fluctuate. I was a mess, and my prayers for good health didn’t seem to penetrate God’s heart. I had no idea how I was going to make it through a 3-day conference. But I knew one thing – I wasn’t going to let the enemy win by quitting. I had to figure out how to make the most of it. Despite being terrified that I would make a fool of myself with my excessive sweating and hacking, I showed up. Stocked up on cough syrup and throat lozenges, I held my head high, kept my misery … Read More