When People Let You Down

Carol DunfeeFaithLeave a Comment

I wanted to punch something. My daughter was again being ignored. Two best friends had no room for her unless it was to bring them something they didn’t feel like getting themselves. She sensed it, but tried to be brave. I finally stepped in and pulled her away for some mama-loves, away from the girls who acted like she was irrelevant to them. Then there was the time we were so bruised and battered by a “good”, growing church that I never wanted to attend church again. We were chased off and punished for not fitting a predetermined mold–a mold that wasn’t even Biblical. Even when we left, they pursued us. It’s inevitable. We will be hurt by people–people we love, respect, and admire. They will hurt us to our core, not even realizing what they are doing.. Even worse, they will hurt our kids. We will watch our children be rejected, ignored, and belittled, no matter how popular they are. How do we recover from this kind of soul hurt? How do we forgive and move on? We must take care of our focus to keep these injuries from weighing us down. Let people be people. So often we … Read More