When People Let You Down

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I wanted to punch something. My daughter was again being ignored. Two best friends had no room for her unless it was to bring them something they didn’t feel like getting themselves. She sensed it, but tried to be brave. I finally stepped in and pulled her away for some mama-loves, away from the girls who acted like she was irrelevant to them. Then there was the time we were so bruised and battered by a “good”, growing church that I never wanted to attend church again. We were chased off and punished for not fitting a predetermined mold–a mold that wasn’t even Biblical. Even when we left, they pursued us. It’s inevitable. We will be hurt by people–people we love, respect, and admire. They will hurt us to our core, not even realizing what they are doing.. Even worse, they will hurt our kids. We will watch our children be rejected, ignored, and belittled, no matter how popular they are. How do we recover from this kind of soul hurt? How do we forgive and move on? We must take care of our focus to keep these injuries from weighing us down. Let people be people. So often we … Read More

Words From the Cross

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How powerful are the last dying words from a person; especially when those words are from Jesus? Do you know that even in Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross he prayed for us? His last words are so telling of his undying love for us. These are the last words Jesus spoke before he died on the cross. The 7 Last Words Jesus Spoke on the Cross: 1. “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34). It amazes me even as Jesus was ridiculed, persecuted, beaten and crucified he still prayed for those who were killing him. He even forgave one of the men on the cross who was sentenced with him. Even in Jesus death he prayed for us and still had the power to make people right with God and cared about their salvation. 2. “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise” (Luke 23:43 NIV). These are the words Jesus said to one of the criminals sentenced with him after the criminal said, “Jesus remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Can you even imagine hanging on the cross suffering and Jesus says these words … Read More

A Love that Never Fails

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  This post is a little different from previous posts I have written, mostly because I have written a love poem and prayer to share about God’s agapé love for us. If there was only one thing I could write about as a writer in the whole entire world, it would be about God’s love for us.  My hope and prayer is God would use the words we write on these pages to tell His story in our hearts, to shout above the noise of this world so we can hear and see how much He loves and cares for us.  I pray these pages of words tell about His goodness, His faithfulness, how He will and do anything for us.  There is nothing we could ask of God, He isn’t be able to do.  His love is the greatest of all love, an agapé love, one that can never be destroyed–one that never fails or ever leaves us. In the Bible, there are four different translations for love in the Greek language.  We can determine what type of the love the Bible is speaking of in the context it is used.  There is a term for brotherly love ‘philia,’ a term for … Read More


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I am a cat foster mom. (Yes, that is a real thing!)  I take in animals until they are ready for adoption through a local charity, Feral Feline Friends.  The first group were Maybe and Pip.  Then came Shannon, Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, Lucy, and then Lily.  Lots of these kitties were ill, had fleas, worms, allergies, and some weren’t even litter trained.  But none were as broken as Lily.  Lily came to us from an animal hoarder* case,  not unlike a few animals we have gotten before.  She was so covered in fleas that her fur was missing in places, she had worms of all sorts, and she was the size of a six month old kitten, even though she was estimated to be at least two years old.  She wasn’t litter trained and she had been injured.  We knew all of this before we picked her up from her rescuer.  Her back leg had been crushed and left to heal on its own.  What resulted was a leg that had fused together in one long crooked stick.  No joints were evident in the leg and she couldn’t bend or move it in any way.  She had a terrible time … Read More

Mercy In. Mercy Out

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This week, one of our children was struggling to follow directions. I had given this child an age-appropriate, every-day task that should have been done by lunch. The kiddo had other plans. By DAY TWO of this task, I was getting fed up. My own to-do list was a mile long. Instead of making progress, I had to keep stopping to check on this kiddo’s progress (which was practically nothing). I was angry. I said harsh words. I was at a loss to know how to get this task done without doing it myself. Suddenly, I felt a gentle Whisper inside… “Carol, remember all those times when you have failed? Remember when you were so stuck in your mess that you couldn’t move? Did I lecture you about what you should be doing? Or did I reach down to do what you couldn’t do yourself? Go do for that child what I have done for you.” Ouch! I went to my sweet and naughty little one. I didn’t do the task myself, but I had the kiddo race against the clock to see how fast it could be done. In about ten minutes, the task that should have been finished … Read More