When God Asks You To Do Difficult Things

Rosalynn LasleyFaith, MotherhoodLeave a Comment

Why is it, that God rarely asks us to do things that are easy? I mean, wouldn’t it be great if my conversations with God sounded something like this: “Rosalynn, eat 3 donuts before you get to work today…”  “Easy peasy Lord, challenge accepted.”“Rosalynn, sing some crazy song you made up off of the top of your head just to make your co-workers laugh.” “Sure thing Lord…you drop the beat, I’ll get the lyrics…”Instead it’s more like:“Rosalynn I want you to face difficult things in ministry that scare you to death and will make you cry..”“Uhhhh…Hold that thought, God…”“No worries my daughter, I’ve got time…”God works in mysterious ways, doesn’t He?! One thing you may not know about me is, that I volunteer in the youth department at my church. Every Sunday I spend an hour with 6th grade girls, trying to make an impact on their lives, the best I can with one hour a week. (And that’s if they come every week.) I’m not the only teacher in our class, so the other teachers and I take turns pouring into the hearts of these girls each week, praying that God will somehow make the most of the limited time we … Read More