Why We Must Pray

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Have you every wondered why we pray? After all, if God is all-powerful, won’t He make His will happen no matter what we do? Well, yes…and no. This is no simple topic. Christians have been debating it since Calvin wrote his Institutes of the Christian Religion in the 1500s. Is God completely sovereign or do we have free will? Um, yes. Are you confused yet? This past week, I began reading a book on prayer that provided many answers to long-time questions. Dutch Sheets explained why we pray. It is so simple that even my kiddos grasped the concept and began praying with new power! Follow me down this road for a moment… God gave mankind dominion over the earth. “And God blessed them [granting them certain authority] and said to them, ‘Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth, and subjugate it [putting it under your power]; and rule over (dominate) the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and every living thing that moves upon the earth.’” –Genesis 1:28 AMP While I had always read this verse with the understanding that God gave us dominion over the animals, I had completely missed that God put the earth under … Read More

Where Do Unanswered Prayers Go?

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I don’t know about you but I have thought about this question many times.  There have been many prayers I have prayed my whole life, God still hasn’t answered.  Does that mean he doesn’t care?  Does it mean God isn’t listening?  I pray this post encourages you to know that God indeed is listening and he cares and loves you very much. I have heard many say ‘God didn’t answer my prayer, that must mean he doesn’t love me.’  Even though it may be true God doesn’t answer all of our prayers the way we want him to, he isn’t a genie in the bottle waiting to grant our every wish.  God doesn’t work that way.  He is our Father who loves us, who knows what is best for us, who sees the bigger picture and has the best plan ever for our lives.  To not answer our prayers may mean that God has something better waiting ahead. When our third child was born with a fatal kidney disease, my husband and I prayed for God to please heal our son and for him not to suffer anymore.   We had so many people praying for healing for him.  The day he … Read More

When Gratitude Unlocked a Miracle

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Last week, I wrote about giving thanks in the middle of trouble. Little did I know just how much I would need that message on the very day the blog published. A few months ago, several of us at Alaska Christian Women’s Ministry began praying about having a vendor table at a local homeschool convention. The topics of womanhood and women’s discipleship had been forefront in our minds. We were approved to teach a class about those topics at the convention. I cannot tell you how much prayer went into the preparation. I can only tell you that it was a LOT!! We prayed for the women who would attend our class. We asked God to use our class to set women free from false beliefs, to open their eyes to life-giving truth, and to release God’s favor over their lives. Our goals were big and we believed them to be God-given. The day of that class was the same day that I published the blog about gratitude. I planned to attend our middle child’s school concert that morning before heading to the convention at 10:00. As my husband and kids were about ready to head out the door for work and … Read More

Safety, Security and Protection

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As the last couple of weeks progressed, I was gifted with a several interactions that begged my longing heart to desire something I hadn’t even thought of in a while. Each person markedly rare and so beautifully distinct in the way they were crafted, their mannerisms and the way they speak—that I can’t help but grin from ear to ear as the thought of them blesses my thoughts. Ironically, as unique as each of them is from one another, they are individually called to journey in similar directions and professions. On the whole, they each have enjoyed many years of walking with the Lord and without fail every time I meet with one of these people my heart, soul and mind feel like they have uncovered a treasure of infinite value (I chuckle as I write that…indeed it is infinite—as God is…because knowledge of Him through the journey of each of these loving people is one piece of the treasure I get to bring with me when we part.). As I listened to the reminiscing of people who have walked the redemption road for a while and whose lives have been marked with the unmistakable characteristic of the joy of … Read More

Curious About Biblical Fasting?

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Last week I asked what you would be willing to sacrifice because you love Jesus. All too often, we prefer to fulfill our fleshly desires more than we desire God himself. I issued a challenge to consider if there was something God might want you to give up. These behaviors could be anything from addictions (sugar, alcohol, pornography, etc.) to something as simple as habitual complaining, procrastination, or impulse shopping. Maybe it’s not even a habit. Maybe sometimes we skip a church service, let loose a cuss word or watch a provocative program on TV. We justify these momentary pleasures and tell ourselves it’s ‘not that bad’.  The problem comes when all these little things we label ‘not that bad’ add up and pull us away from our first love. God has shown me over the past few years that what feels good in the moment, such as lashing out when angry or overeating when stressed, actually hinders my future and my faith. While we will always struggle with our sinful nature, we don’t have to allow it to control us. What we stop feeding will eventually starve and die. One way to weaken the grip of our flesh is … Read More