Tell Me About You Daddy: Forgiveness

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Forgiveness is something that has always been hard for me to understand, especially when it involves my dad.  God laid it on my heart about two weeks ago that I was supposed to write about forgiveness but I struggled because I didn’t want to write as a hypocrite. How can I write about forgiving someone when I’m not sure I truly have? Once again a blog topic had me on my knees before the cross.  God is good like that. I’ve been praying more about this topic than I have probably any of the others and it was in prayer one morning a few days ago as I was driving to work when I had one of those “Ah-Ha” moments.  I love it when God does that.  I love that He’s using this ministry to show me where I need to grow.  One of the concepts I have struggled so much with when it comes to forgiveness really boils down to trying to forgive in my own strength.  There are times when people hurt us along the way and forgiveness seems literally impossible.  I know what the bible commands me to do.  I’m commanded to forgive, but how in the world … Read More

Tell Me About Your Daddy Part Two

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Over the last several days since my previous blog post, I have done a lot of reflecting and praying.  It has been difficult for me to really dig deep into the truth about who God is as a Father, and not think about my own dad.  The reflection and prayer have had me making notes of where some of my emotional scars have been left behind by my earthly dad, as well as it has caused me to face how those scars have hindered or skewed how I have viewed God along the way.  It is still a process at times.  There are still times the scars I have cause me to struggle to trust Him, but reminding myself of His truth gets me back on track every time.  This week I want to discuss God’s promises, and the fact that He always shows up.  Growing up, I had a dad that would constantly make promises he didn’t keep.  I don’t know if he made them knowing he would never keep them, or if he was one of those people that had good intentions but lacked the follow through.  He wasn’t around often enough for me to know.  I learned the hard way that … Read More

Thorns, Weeds, Rocks, and Other Gardening Hazards

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I come from a green-thumb family. My grandparents had a huge garden full of delicious vegetables. I remember spending summer afternoons shelling peas with my grandma. My parents continued the tradition of gardening and have shown our kids how much fun it is to dig potatoes out of your own garden. I have even tried my hand at it a few times. I was able to grow delicious zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, and cilantro. However, my inability to stay on top of the weeds has resulted in my husband banning me from gardening.  Somehow, the summers I chose to garden were the ones where I was either pregnant, nursing a baby, or chasing a toddler….not a great combination for pulling weeds!! I grew up hearing the parable of the farmer from Matthew 13. A farmer sowed seed on different kinds of ground. Some seed fell on a hardened footpathand was eaten by birds before it could sprout. Some seed fell on shallow, rocky soil where the roots were unable to grow down deep to save it during the hot summer. Other seed fell among weeds and thorns, where it wasn’t able to compete for the nutrients in the soil. Finally, some seed … Read More

Too Busy for the Best?

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Several of us ACWM bloggers have written about the Unchained Retreat with Vicki Courtney. Vicki’s talks hit my heart in many areas, but I’d have to say that one of my favorites was a quote from Sunday. But first, here is the back-story…. Mark 1:21-37 records a single day in Jesus’ life. It shows Him teaching in the Capernaum synagogue, healing a dsiciple’s mother-in-law, and then standing outside her door healing the sick and oppressed who were brought to Him. The very next morning, Jesus retreated to a “desolate place” to pray. The disciples finally found him and begged Him to come back to the Capernaum because people were looking for Him. Instead, Jesus announced they were moving to the next town to teach and heal there. And here is the quote that stopped me in my tracks: “Jesus declined their summons to fill the role they wanted for Him.” Wow. Stop a minute and think about that. The people wanted Him to come heal needy people in Capernaum. They wanted Him to raise more people from the dead. These are all good things…important things!!! Why didn’t Jesus do these extra things? His priority was living in unity with the … Read More

Does God Answer MY Prayers?

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Their daughter was dead. A heartbroken mother and father had just watched their daughter take her dying breath. Her body was still. No longer did it vibrate with her infectious laughter. No longer did her smile brighten the room. Her life was gone, leaving only a decaying, empty shell behind. Then Jesus and a few disciples entered the room. He announced that she was only sleeping. Suddenly, her lifeless gray body began to show signs of life. Pink roses began to bloom in the color of her cheeks. Her chest rose and fell with each new breath.  She opened her eyes and cried “Mommy! Daddy!”  Her parents collapsed on her bed with the joy of her new life. They embraced her with a joy equal in intensity to their grief of just moments earlier. Her eyes sparkled again. She was back!! (Story found in Luke 8.) Today, we read about miracles likes these and wonder why we don’t see them happen anymore…why we don’t have the “praying power” that the apostles and early Christians had. There are many reasons why we don’t see answers to prayers. Maybe we harbor a known sin. Maybe we refuse to forgive someone who has wronged … Read More