Time with God -Prayer

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Dear God, I am here to meet with you this early morning seated, kneeling, standing, stretched out flat on the floor, hands raised high, lying in bed, curled up in the arm chair, driving down the highway, sitting on the balcony coffee in hand. Standing by the wayside, at the bus stop, waiting for the train, at the airport terminal running, holding hands…. just being in your presence. Thank you for the times that you have enveloped me, held me, taught me, and molded me for all your glory. Lord almighty… King of Kings…Lord of Lords… The one true God… The one who makes all things. Awesome perfect God, loving us all deeply and keeping us, protecting, providing for us, making a way where there seems to be no way. Lord Bless this time with you. Come Holy Spirit and speak to me, open the eyes of my understanding, make a way and bless your children with wisdom beyond our peers. God, you are good all the time as I consider all that you have done. God I am so thankful. I pray Lord that I keep hearing from you. Bless us to be wise and true and give us … Read More

When We Fast and Pray…

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Many women from Alaska, the Lower 48, and even other countries, are joining together for a 21-Day-Fast this month. We come from many different churches and denominations. We have many different reasons for entering a season of intense prayer. We have needs in our families, churches, and communities that require a Divine intervention. So we have decided to fast. In our desire to see more of God, we are temporarily pulling away from some human pleasure. At the same time, we are drawing close to our Heavenly Father, pressing into His Word and His presence. Our drive to succeed is strong, but our frail humanity threatens to thwart our success before we even have the chance to gain momentum. We may become discouraged when we do not see our fasting goals happen the way we want them to.  Here are a few suggestions to keep us focused and encouraged. Focus on positive progress. In last year’s fast, I actually only fasted on about half of the days, but the results of that fast were astounding. God didn’t look at me and say, “Because she missed half the fast, I will not hear her prayers.” Instead, He graciously acknowledged my baby-steps … Read More

A Prayer For Those Fasting

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Oh Holy Father, we pause for a moment from our busy day to lift up our 21-Day Fast for 2018. First and foremost, God, we want You to be glorified in our lives. We intentionally humble ourselves and honor You, the Maker of Heaven of Earth, the God of Angel armies, the Lord of Hosts. The Most High God and the Great I AM; You are worthy of Your name. It’s a privilege to speak with You, to draw near to You, to be claimed by You. Thank You for all the blessings You’ve already lavished on us. You are a faithful God who answers prayer, and we cry out to You with loud voices and desperate hearts. We have many concerns, and we really need You to show up in a big way. In our circumstances. In our weaknesses. In our families. In our jobs, ministries, churches.  In our city, state and nation. Do something amazing in our lives, God. Break chains and free slaves. Do abundantly more than we could ask or imagine! We are not oblivious the schemes of our enemy; we know he is most unhappy with our decision to fast. Please grant us extra protection … Read More

A Dangerous Misconception

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Misconceptions can really throw us off track. When we share our misconceptions, we throw others off track, too. Whether it’s a misconception about a person, a place, or a truth, we can make terrible decisions when we don’t have all the facts. For many years, I heard numerous respected Bible teachers insist that the miraculous works of the New Testament ended when its writing was completed. They explained that since we now had the full volume of Scripture, we no longer needed dramatic miracles to demonstrate the power of God. There was no more need for speaking in tongues, prophesying, healing, or miraculous signs. Some even went so far as to state that since the book of Acts was a “history book”, we should not use it for learning doctrine. In other words…Acts is a story, rather than a textbook for today’s church practices. I held these misconceptions for a loooooong time…until a friend shared with me a book about modern-day healing. The writer shared story after story about how he had witnessed God heal many of the people He prayed for. I was skeptical–for all the reasons listed in the paragraph above–but somehow I couldn’t shake the idea that … Read More

As We’re Preparing to Fast

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Our 2018 Fast begins next week! We’re starting the new year with a 21-day fast, asking God to move in our families, our churches, and the great state of Alaska. We hope you’ll plan on joining us from January 10th – January 31st. Let me know if you want to participate so I can pray for you. Just shoot me a direct message on Facebook, or post a message on our Facebook Page. As you consider participating, ask yourself these questions: What type of fast would be best for this season of life? (for ideas see our post on different types of fasts and the side effects) What is God leading me to sacrifice for 21 days? What burden is on my heart? What do I want to see changed in my life? Where does God want me to focus my time and attention in seeking Him? (see our post on the purpose and goal of fasting) How can I spend extra time with the Lord in prayer and worship each day? Where do I need to intentionally make room in my daily schedule to meet with Him? What will I study during the fast? Perhaps a word or concept … Read More

Don’t hide Him

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As I crumpled to the bathroom floor, my first thought was “don’t let them see you cry.” I wanted to protect their hearts at all costs, even if that meant hiding my own. The tears quickly turned into sobs I could not control and I knew I needed to tell them the truth somehow. I was losing the baby our family dreamed of, and I was utterly shattered. As a parent, one of my greatest desires is to protect my children. I want to shield them from every heartache I can, both theirs and mine, because sometimes the ugliness in life is hard to explain. How do you tell them the devastating things you can’t fathom yourself? How do you pick up the pieces of their hearts when you don’t even know where to look for the pieces of yours? What do you say when there truly are no words? I know that I’m doing the greatest disservice to my children, and those around me when I hide heartache from them, because when I hide what hurts, I’m hiding the Healer. I don’t remember what I said, or how I said it. I don’t fully remember how they reacted right … Read More

21-Day Fast 2018: Will You Join Us?

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In January of this year, we challenged the women of Alaska to join together in a coorporate fast to seek the Lord on behalf of their family struggles, their difficult circumstances, and the state of Alaska. And now, we want to issue another invitation! I mentioned to the original team of ladies that we would consider gathering again next year. I left the Facebook group open in anticipation, and I’m excited to announce that we’re going to seek the Lord again for another 21 days. I was humbled by all the stories of how God moved in each woman’s life. We came together, many of us strangers, yet united in our goal and encouraging each other not to give up. He answered in amazing ways! Who is ready to see God do even more?!?!? While asking the Lord for direction in initiating a group fast in 2018, I came across this quote in my study time, and it broke my heart. “The modern church is poorer and weaker for neglecting the practice of fasting. So many believers suffer from spiritual anemia, or loss of strength and stamina, because they have never learned to fast, and so many of their prayers … Read More

Gear Up: GOD’s WORD

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Misconceptions are funny things. You don’t know you have them until they are corrected. I really thought that the armor of God was put on by saying a few words in prayer each day. Now I understand that this armor is a lifestyle of becoming more aligned with Christ’s character. It is a result of constant prayer, repentance, humility, and most importantly, of seeking the face of Jesus. The final part of our armor is unique it is the only part that is offensive. All other parts are for protection and defense, while this one is meant to attack, take ground, and cut down the forces of evil. I have always wondered why God didn’t arm us with catapults, tanks, and missiles! After all, Satan and his cohorts are relentless in their attack. Wouldn’t a few spiritual atomic bombs be more effective? What I have learned about this simple sword has convinced me otherwise… As a student, I attended schools where English grammar was a big deal. From first grade on, I remember diagramming sentences. Even in high school and college English, we had to reassemble our sentences on those lines that look like scaffolding and rocket ships. I didn’t … Read More


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I’ve found myself a bit discouraged lately. Physically I’ve not been able to keep up with all that I’d like to. My house is decorated with baskets of laundry as far as the eye can see, there are half-finished projects everywhere, and yet I find myself on the couch or in bed early in the evening because my body just can’t keep up.  On top of that, the kids were sick last week (so I missed work during our busy season) and now I’m sick from taking care of them. This means more missed work, more to catch up on, and I’m weary. It’s discouraging when you can’t do it all. I’ve battled this discouragement for close to a year now. I had my accident at the end of December and that left me physically unable to do all that I wanted and needed to do. That left me relying on others to help with daily tasks (thank the Lord they were willing) and sometimes the battle of my physical capabilities and what I’d like to do leaves me discouraged. Now I’m at the tail end of my pregnancy and as much as I’m trying to push through the aches … Read More


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When you grow up in church, you can develop an odd vocabulary compared to the rest of the world. A pew, a vestibule, and a sanctuary mean completely different things to a church goer. We might think of a sanctuary as an auditorium dedicated to worship, while a non-church-goer might picture a wild bird refuge instead. And what on earth is a vestibule anyways? Can’t we just call it a lobby? Kidding aside, “salvation” is one of those words that gets an odd meaning in church circles. We think of salvation as a person receiving God’s forgiveness from their sins. This is truly one of its meanings, but not its original meaning. To understand the next part of our armor, we need to understand the meaning of this word. The Greek word for salvation, soterios, is based on the root word, soteria, which means: defender, defense; saving, bringing salvation; hope of future salvation. To gain a broader perspective of “the helmet of salvation”, let’s look at another passage talking about helmets and salvation. So what is this salvation? What are we saved from? According to this passage, we are saved from the wrath of God upon unrepentant sinners. Jesus is our defender … Read More

Rising Up 2017 – Join Our Prayer Event!

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“God is seeking women who will take up the mantle of prayer to release healing, deliverance and glory upon the earth … The Lord is mustering an army to cry out in prayer and intercession against the wicked schemes of the enemy in the land.” ~Michelle McClain-Walters Prayer is desperately needed. Fires and floods. Racism and entitlement. Disregard and disrespect. With the moral decline of our culture and the natural disasters hitting our country, our only hope is a Savior. As daughters of the King of Kings, we must intercede on behalf of our nation and our children. Alaska can make a difference! Let each woman of God rise up like a lioness with boldness and cry out to God to heal our land! This October, several organizations are coming together to initiate a Jesus movement in our nation’s capitol! For 4 days, Christians will gather at the National Mall. Praise music with 300 worship teams, round-the-clock prayer, street evangelism, 50 tents representing all 50 states – this will be an event like America has never seen before! Will you join the call and rise up? Those of us who cannot travel to Washington DC can still be a part … Read More

Gear Up: FAITH

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We are in active spiritual warfare. The attacks come from media, culture, and history revisionists…not to mention our own temptations, desires, and lusts. Knowing this, I pray through Ephesians 6, carefully mentioning each part of my spiritual armor as though I can manufacture them by my words. I am slowly learning that, while this is a good place to start, our armor goes much deeper than that. It is NOT something we can instantly produce. Rather, it is something God produces for us as He helps us walk in a life of obedience. The next part of our armor is the shield of FAITH. The modern church seems to struggle with this one. In the days of the early church, Christians saw miracles left and right. The blind received their sight. The dead were brought back to life. The lame received strength to walk. Few of us see those faith-building miracles today. They seem to be relegated to the missionaries who spend their lives in the deep jungles of foreign continents. But whose fault is that? Did God stop delivering? Or did we stop asking? We must ask for faith. In Jesus’ earthly ministry, people flocked to Him for healing … Read More

Gear Up: PEACE

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When our oldest was about three or four, she had a favorite tune she liked to sing. We all recognized the tune, but the words she sang made no sense. We could not figure out what she meant by “hap-py shoes, hap-py shoes”. Why were her shoes happy? Were they going to the park? It turned out that she had misunderstood the words of an old children’s song that I sang to her. It goes, “Have patience, have patience. Don’t be in such a hurry. When you get impatient, you only start to worry.” Since patience was a big word for someone her size, she equated it to something she knew…shoes. Happy shoes, at that. Honestly, I feel that way about our next piece of armor. I have struggled to grasp what is meant by the “gospel of peace”, and so I have filled in my imagination with some strange meanings. Huh? Maybe I am the only one who struggles with this, but just in case, let’s break it down like we broke down “Have Patience” for our little girl. Shoes make us ready. When our oldest was curious, into-everything toddler, I started following the advice of the Fly Lady, … Read More

When you don’t know how or what to pray for…

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Do you ever get a prayer request that is private or “unspoken” and you don’t know exactly what to pray for? Or perhaps you are going through a situation that requires decision-making or life-changes and you are not quite sure how to proceed or what to ask for? Let me encourage you with this: “…your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” (Matthew 6:8) I know it’s hard sometimes to not be specific in our prayers and/or not get a clear answer on what to do. But when you ask the Lord our God for His will to be done, for His name to be glorified, for His presence and peace to overcome, you surrender to His feet, you lay down your burdens, and trust that everything will happen according to His perfect plan. God doesn’t need our permission to accomplish His mighty acts, but He does seek our invitation into our lives and souls to glorify His name in us. Even though life doesn’t come with a precise instructions manual, Jesus gave us the Bible as a gift. Use it as a road map to heaven! Go to Him! Following Matthew 6:8, He gave us the Lord’s … Read More


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When I hear the word righteousness, I picture a severe, mirthless character standing on a mountain-top looking down upon a valley of wretched sinners. Or a silver-haired, sour-faced reverend dishing out long lists of rules. Or a stuffy church lady in her fancy Sunday hat criticizing unruly teenagers. You, too? Boy, are we wrong. These caricatures are waaaaaay off the mark. In fact, each one represents pride rather than righteousness. So what IS righteousness? And why does it matter? Last week’s blog suggested that we might be putting our spiritual armor like a toddler puts on his clothes…inside out and backwards! We examine how truth is a protecter, how it is absolute, and how God’s Word IS our source of truth. We were challenged to say more than a trite prayer to really wear the first part in our armor, which is the belt of truth. The next part of our gear is the body armour, or breastplate, of righteousness. If righteousness is not the proud picture of piety described in the first paragraph, then what is it? The American Heritage Dictionary defines righteousness as “meeting the standards of what is right and just”.* Righteousness is the breastplate that protects our … Read More

Gear Up: TRUTH

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Have you ever watched a toddler dress himself? Socks go on backwards. Underwear ends up on his head. Pants are inside out. It’s really quite entertaining, until you have to leave the house! His clothing would function much better if he could only put it on properly. What if we are putting on our spiritual armor inside out and backwards? Have you ever wondered if we are wearing our gospel-shoes on the wrong feet? What if we have the wrong grip on our swords? I can imagine that God often chuckles at my own fumbling attempts to wear my spiritual armor. He must shake his head as I try to wrap my brain around these strange concepts. Many Bible teachers focus on the items themselves: the sword, the shield, the helmet, etc. This summer I became curious about what I would learn if I studied the armor from a different perspective. What if I focused on what each of those pieces represents rather than the word picture? What if I ask how truth affects spiritual warfare rather than focusing on the belt? Maybe it would only be a minor difference, but I felt like I needed to find out. According … Read More

Where Are The Houses Of Prayer?

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They stood in a circle, about 40 of them, in the center of the parking lot. United, hands clasped with their neighbor and heads bowed, they prayed. No fear. No shame. No wavering. As I drove by, tears stung the back of my eyes. Emotions assailed me. I was thrilled to witness such an incredible sight, so many people openly gathering before the throne of the Most High God! And yet I felt sad that such a sight is so rare. I could not recall the last time I had been involved in a prayer circle like that! And I wondered if God’s reaction was a little like mine. I thought back to a question that’s been heavy on my heart for several months: Why don’t more churches gather for prayer and fasting? When I was young, every once in a while our little church met just to pray. As I grew older, I noticed that some churches had regular prayer meetings, and some didn’t. I never thought much about it until I came across this scripture: “And as [Jesus] taught them, he said, “Is it not written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations’?” … Read More

The Hazard of People-Pleasing

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All my life I have craved approval. In elementary school, I wanted my friends to like me. In high school, I wanted the popular kids to accept me. In college, I wanted to be respected and liked. I was terrified that someone would think I was “strange”, so I kept my little quirks to myself. As an adult, I have grown more independent, but I still crave approval. I want people to think positive thoughts about me. I can express some pretty strong opinions when I know I’m in the company of like-minded friends, but I clam up in embarrassment as soon as a dissenting opinion is expressed. Blogging has added a whole new dynamic to this fear of displeasing people. It’s fine and dandy to write strongly and boldly in front of my computer. It’s a completely different thing to put that writing out on the internet for all to see. When God has shown me something revolutionary, I am still tempted to keep it hidden so that no one thinks I’m “strange”. A friend of mine posted a sermon from Francis Chan recently. Chan mentioned how he has often been tempted to water down a message from God … Read More

Is Jesus REALLY Enough?

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We sing at the top of our lungs. We raise our hands in worship, proclaiming the greatness of our God. We join with hundreds of others in worship of Jesus, the One who died and rose again to pay our sin-debt. Yet we are a bunch of hypocrites. We proclaim the wonders of our Savior on Sunday morning and then fret about the greatness of our problems the rest of the week. Five minutes after we sing that there is no stronger power than Jesus, we revert to worry about how we are going to meet the pressures of the coming week. Hold on. It’s time we get that emotional worship experience to sink deeper. We must let those words of praise and faith penetrate our minds and hearts, too. They must change our way of thinking, so that we no longer wallow in doubt, fear, and defeat. Recently, a friend encouraged several of us bloggers to remember the omnipotent power of Jesus’ name. She had us look up John 14:12-14… I have read these verses many times over the last several months. They really became alive for me when I went through Kim Erickson’s His Last Words twice during … Read More

A Little Comma

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I generally like to fit in and fly under the radar. I don’t mind being different, but I don’t want to make a scene about it. So, when I noticed my dad saying the Pledge of Allegiance differently, I hoped no one else noticed. After all, why say it differently than the 500 other people in the building?? Everyone around him says, “One nation, under God, indivisible,” with a small pause at each comma. Dad removes one single comma. A little comma that changes everything. He says, “One nation, under God indivisible…” I asked him about it one time. He explained that you can’t separate America’s indivisibility from its relationship to God. America’s ability to remain a united nation is wholly dependent upon America’s choice to remain “under God”. By removing the comma, We recognize that without God’s grace, our nation is NOT indivisible. It is subject to being torn apart–from within and from without. We admit that our national security is dependent upon God, not politics or military might. We confess that God is not obligated to protect a nation that rejects Him. We acknowledge that God is sovereign. We humbly surrender our sins of arrogance and pride. As … Read More