Rising Up 2017 – Join Our Prayer Event!

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“God is seeking women who will take up the mantle of prayer to release healing, deliverance and glory upon the earth … The Lord is mustering an army to cry out in prayer and intercession against the wicked schemes of the enemy in the land.” ~Michelle McClain-Walters Prayer is desperately needed. Fires and floods. Racism and entitlement. Disregard and disrespect. With the moral decline of our culture and the natural disasters hitting our country, our only hope is a Savior. As daughters of the King of Kings, we must intercede on behalf of our nation and our children. Alaska can make a difference! Let each woman of God rise up like a lioness with boldness and cry out to God to heal our land! This October, several organizations are coming together to initiate a Jesus movement in our nation’s capitol! For 4 days, Christians will gather at the National Mall. Praise music with 300 worship teams, round-the-clock prayer, street evangelism, 50 tents representing all 50 states – this will be an event like America has never seen before! Will you join the call and rise up? Those of us who cannot travel to Washington DC can still be a part … Read More

Big Messes and Small Steps

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My son’s room looks like an explosion in a toy store. I don’t want to even look at it. That special guest in our home (the one called “Not Me”) apparently dumped all the toys and closet contents on to the floor. If the mess overwhelms me as an adult, I can’t imagine how his little brain is affected by it! He won’t even play in there. He brings his toys to the family room…and so the mess spreads. This afternoon, I will ask him to clean his room. And if he repeats his normal habit, he will go upstairs, look at the mess, and come back to me within a few minutes. He will ask, “Mommy, what do I pick up first?” After about ten minutes, he will ask me what the next step is. His room will look better by dinner time. It won’t be perfect, but it will be inhabitable. (No judging, please!!) There is so much to learn from his approach to cleaning his room. When I look at the world around me, I feel completely overwhelmed by the giant mess. People are hurting, children are hungry, women are being abused, men are losing their jobs, and families … Read More

What Does the Superbowl 51 and God Have in Common?

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Those that know me well may know that I don’t watch sports. But they can probably tell you that I love spending time with family and friends. So, today, when it was time for the Superbowl 51 I was excited, not for the game, but for the yummy food and awesome company! But THAT game was interesting. I may not know much about football, but when you are more than half way through a game, and the scores are so diverse, you typically rest assure of who the upcoming winner will be. But apparently, not in football… you can have a tie at the last-minute—literally! So when the drastically losing team for most of the game became the champions, I couldn’t avoid realizing how similar the events of this game are to how God sometimes work, and how we as christians ought to be like these players. Whaaaat?! Did I just puzzled you? That’s alright, let me explain: Imagine you are a Patriot fan. You probably would have stayed away from social media for most of the game.You wouldn’t feel too comfortable putting your views “out there” without knowing or foreseeing the outcome. You don’t want to proclaim something that others will probably … Read More

Choosing Unity: True Vs. God’s Truth

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In the light of the inauguration of our newly elected President, I am postponing my New Year Goals post until next week.  Watching our newly elected President come into office, I have seen the rollercoaster of emotions on the news that have been sweeping across our nation.  I’ve watched the protests, the violence and the marches of people yelling “no justice, no peace.”  Animosity is rising to new levels causing division in our united nation. Our county has been founded upon liberty and justice for all.  Some of us may feel the election of our new president questions the integrity of justice and stability of our nation, causing fear among many because of our nations’ uncertainty.  These concerns may all be true, but they are not the basis of truth. We will always have a President come into office we like or don’t like.  We will always be a nation that agrees to disagree.  We will always have uncertain circumstances that we don’t know how they will turn out.  The fear of our concerns will be the very thing that causes us to become divided. Three Feelings that Divide our Nation:   True vs. Truth 1.  Animosity True-  It’s true many have expressed hurt over … Read More

Blessing Israel

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Israel has appeared in the news a lot lately. It seems that some are bent on her destruction, while others are whole-hearted supporters. Still others are happy to let Israel figure out her own problems since she is half a world away. Why should this tiny country in the Middle East matter so much to us? Does it even matter what we do or think concerning Israel? This is where Bible history touches modern times! The Old Testament holds the answers to these questions… First of all, why does Israel matter to us? Let’s look back in time to a couple named Abram and Sarai, later renamed Abraham and Sarah. God called Abram out of his father’s homeland to a new land. God promised childless Abram that he would not only have a son, but that he would be the father a great nation. God promised him more descendants than he could count. Here, God laid the foundation for the nation we know as Israel: The LORD had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you. I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless … Read More

Stop Pointing Fingers: It Starts Right Here

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Police Officers are dead.Black lives matter.A shooter ends fifty lives in Orlando. Our nation has begun a terrifying self-destruct sequence. Everyone is looking for answers. Everyone else is the cause of our problems. It is time to STOP POINTING FINGERS. Stop pointing fingers at the police officers, the gang members, the drug dealers, the rich, the poor, the politicians, the government, the Muslims, the immigrants. God has already given us a formula for healing our nation in 2 Chronicles 7:14. The problem is that this formula starts with US. You. Me. The church. That makes us uncomfortable. It forces us to deal with OUR sins. It is hard! “If my people who are called by my name” God is talking to those who claim to know Him. The rest of the world refers to us a Christians. THIS is who God is talking to. The healing of our nation does not depend on the criminal element reforming. It does not depend on elected politicians. It does not depend on non-Christians changing their ways. It depends on US. Christians. Christ-followers. Disciples. “Humble themselves” Humility is the opposite of pride. We Christians too often take pride in being right, in having the … Read More

From Sorrow to Healing: Hope for Orlando

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The image of the doctor’s bloody shoes arrested my attention. Somehow, it put the Orlando massacre into perspective. This doctor and many other medical professionals saw real blood flowing last Sunday morning. Real lives were lost; many more were forever altered. The life-blood of the victims will forever stain the lives of thousands of people–just like it has permanently stained the doctor’s shoes. Evil prevailed over 103 lives. And many other lives were assaulted by this evil, too.  The LGBT community feels especially vulnerable since they were the main targets. Orlando residents feel less secure since it happened just miles or blocks from their homes. Non-violent Muslims face more alienation since the shooter was possibly a Muslim extremist. All Americans feel violated since it happened to fellow-Americans on our soil.  There are no human words to make the surviving victims and their families feel better. Survivors will face guilt for surviving. They will have flashbacks and nightmares. Families of the deceased will feel the emptiness and pain for years to come.  God never condones evil. His holy nature cannot be a part of it. Evil itself is the absence of God, just as darkness is the absence of light. God … Read More

The Distraction of Bathroom Wars

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Our social media pages have erupted over BATHROOMS! Bloggers from the left and the right have chimed in about who uses which bathroom. The accusations flow faster than you can flush a toilet: ·                  You are hateful. ·                  You are endangering children. ·                  You are bullying transgenders. ·                  You are persecuting my religion. It is a pathetic display of emotion from both sides. Can we please just STOP?  We are being bamboozled by a master magician—distracted from what is REALLY happening. These tactics are nothing new. Over two-thousand years ago, another magician used his distraction tricks to hinder God’s plans. Acts 13:6-12 tells the story: Sergius Paulus, a Roman governor, invited Saul and Barnabas for a visit so they could explain God’s Word to him. Elymas, the magician, wanted to keep the governor from hearing God’s Word. He employed distraction and persuasion. Saul, with the Holy Spirit’s power, rebuked Elymas for taking part in the devil’s deceit. When this rebuke ended in temporary blindness for the magician, Sergius Paulus accepted the Word of God and became a believer. Our situation today is quite similar. Our current generation is seeking truth. Christ-followers grounded in Jesus want to share the truth with them in … Read More

Another Syrian Refugee Blog…

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I had planned to write about the refugee crisis this week. All week, I have been mulling the matter in my mind, reading different articles from various perspectives and searching in the Bible for answers. I started to write, but it got too political. Nope. Not going there. We don’t need any more political articles. Time to start over. As I mulled the arguments on all sides, questions crashed into my brain like waves. One led to another and another and another. Are we responsible to help refugees? Where is the balance between protection and compassion? What does the Bible say about a nation’s response to a threat? How does the above answer apply to an individual’s responsibility? What does Jesus expect of ME? If you ask 100 people these questions, you will likely receive 100 different answers. People on each extreme of the issue are passionately convinced that THEIR answer is the only right one. I’m not going to tell you what to think. I’m going to lay out five principles I found while studying and pondering this. You decide how they apply. YOU do the thinking! Jesus expects us to care for orphans, widows, strangers, the hungry, the … Read More

Culture Wars: A New/Old Response

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The culture wars have broken out on social media. Between American flags, confederate flags, rainbow flags, and Christian flags, it seems that everyone is offended. Everyone is clamoring to be heard. Some say the church has behaved badly. Others claim the LGBT groups are trying to destroy religious freedom. Some fear persecution. Others have tasted discrimination. Stop. Just stop. Step away from the issues for a bit. Set aside your well-studied opinions long enough to reflect on another culture war. In Jesus’ day, the Romans and the Jews often clashed in matters of politics and culture. As usual, Jesus had some revolutionary ideas about how His disciples should behave… “You have heard the law that says the punishment must match the injury: ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I say, do not resist an evil person! If someone slaps you on the right cheek, offer the other cheek also. If you are sued in court and your shirt is taken from you, give your coat, too. If a soldier demands that you carry his gear for a mile, carry it two miles. Give to those who ask, and don’t turn away from those who … Read More

Does Our Choice of Entertainment Really Matter?

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Is there any truth to the term “garbage in equals garbage out”? You bet! When believers “backslide”, it’s a slow fade, and it typically starts with where we’re spending our time. We have to be intentional with each moment in our day, and that includes our choice of entertainment. The things of this world may sometimes feel harmless, but in large doses they are detrimental. A rule we try to stick to in our house is participating in more “Christian” entertainment than secular. We try to keep our exposure to godly influences higher than that of worldly influences. We get enough of that junk outside the house (a great reason to be in church often!) Our homes should be a sanctuary, a place where our families feel safe and loved. We must not let our entertainment steal that away from us! Take a moment to ponder how you spend your free time: 1) Do you choose music that uplifts? While secular music has its place (I listen to tons of love songs when I’m writing my novels!), we are better served by keeping it to a minimum if we want to stay connected with our God. Christian music, along with … Read More