Worship: An Offering Fit For A King

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I exist to worship God. I live and breathe to worship Him – that’s it. Nothing else. I exist for God.” Louis Giglio

We’ve looked at how worship was conveyed in the Scriptures. We’ve considered how worship touches the heart of our Heavenly Father, and how worship expresses our affection for Jesus, our Bridegroom.

But I wonder…

How often are we giving an offering fit for a King?

Why do we worship? What’s the motive behind our words, our song, our closed eyes and our raised hands?

  • Is my approach to worship casual and apathetic? Or…  full of passion and reverence?
  • Am I looking around at the congregation and criticizing how they sing (or don’t sing)? Or… am I too busy praising the LORD to notice those around me?
  • Am I just saying words because they happen to be on the screen at the moment? Or… am I truly in love with the LORD and desiring to tell Him?
  • Am I singing with the crowd simply because I enjoy the tune and the instruments? Or… am I focused on the lyrics and how I can bless my God?
  • Am I bored because the music is not my style? Or… am I determined to bring an offering of praise, knowing that the style doesn’t matter to the One who created the concept of music?
  • Am I too focused on being tired from a late night or irritated at my family to care about worship? Or… am I determined to get my mind off myself and honor my God?
  • Am I trying to get attention or please the people around me by looking ‘spiritual’? Or… am I simply seeking to please the One who gave me life and breath?

Worship doesn’t start when the praise team goes on stage and gets out their instruments. It starts at home. Before we even get dressed and ready for church. In fact, worship isn’t meant to be reserved only for church – it’s meant to be a lifestyle.

A lifestyle that starts in our own hearts.

As I look back over the years, I’m embarrassed by how I approached worship.

Some of my attitudes and behaviors were very ungodly. I’ve been critical of others as they worship. I’ve been irritated when songs didn’t fit my preference. I’ve mouthed words that didn’t come from the wells of my heart. I’ve said things to the LORD that I really didn’t mean.

My worship in the past has not always been fit for a King.

So what can we offer that would be good enough for the King of Kings?

  • pure love and adoration simply for Who He is
  • gratitude for all He’s done for us personally
  • attitude of reverence and humility rather than seeking to be blessed
  • focused attention only on Him – not the people around me, how I feel in the moment, or the style of music

Because worship is not about us. What makes us happy. How it makes us feel. How we can benefit.

It’s about Him. Totally and completely.


“Don’t turn worship into a consumer sport. It’s not about me feeling good.” Louis Giglio


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