My Time with God: Healed

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Dear God,

Good morning I am energized as I come boldly into your presence today. I am humbled that I can stand before your throne.  The blood of Jesus has made atonement for us to come into the Holy of  Holies. Father God we adore you;  my knees are on the floor. Father I marvel at your greatness, your depth who can comprehend? Praise be your Holy name oh Lord our God.

Clothed in majesty the King of Kings none can compare to you. Who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed forever!

Today Lord we lift the hurting, the ones that are in pain, the ones who cannot comprehend the reason for the season they are going through. You, oh Lord, are the one who saves and comforts… thou giveth and thou taketh away.  Heal, oh Lord, and send your Holy Spirit to comfort. The Lord our God is mighty in battle;  he anoints the sick and comforts the fearful.


Father God we confess that we have not worshiped as we should.  We are tired, we are depressed, we are confused, torn apart that we are still here asking for healing asking for a break.   Hear the voice of my supplication Father and do not hide from me…I have always known that you, oh my God, will not let me be ashamed.  We stand on this scripture today, Romans 10:11.

The Lord is great in Zion, and he is high above all people.

I invite the hurting to break free and “exalt ye the Lord our God and worship at His foot stool.”  Thank you Lord for answered prayers. Thank you for this time in your presence.

The heavens have heard, and we are assured that captives have been set free for the Lord has heard our supplication and He alone who can heal, has healed.   Be still and know that He is Lord!

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2 Comments on “My Time with God: Healed”

    1. Hope that this will bless you especially at this time. the blog today is one of being renewed in Gods presence

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