Worship: Adoring Our Abba

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Tired from another long day, I climbed the stairs, heading for bed. Just at the top, I turned to step into the bathroom, only to stop short when I flipped on the light.

There was something unexpected on the toilet.

It was my 4 year old. Clad in his superman pajamas, he sat cross-legged on the closed lid, his little body folded over his legs. His head hung off the side. And he was sound asleep.

Once I got over the shock and awe, I couldn’t help but chuckle at his position. The poor little guy had been too tired to walk back to his room! And the sight was so precious, I had to grab my camera and preserve the memory. To this day, that image still delights my heart.

After I became a mom, I started to understand God a little bit better.

Children can cause a thrill to run through us like nothing else! Despite their mistakes or strong wills, we pour ourselves into them, because there is nothing they can do that will make us stop loving them. Children make something wild and fierce rise up in a mama’s heart.

From kissing their sweet baby faces as they sleep, to dressing them up nice for church, to cheering them on in football or debates, to watching them command a high school drill team, nothing moves my heart with pride more than my two kids. I could brag about their successes and accomplishments all day long!

And nothing blesses me more than getting a hug out of the blue, hanging a new drawing on the fridge,  seeing how much effort they put into finding the right birthday gift for me, or when they cook me breakfast in bed.

Because it wasn’t prompted by anything – they simply wanted to show me their love and appreciation.

When we love someone, we tell them. We show them. We express our feelings. We make it known.

Like little children just want to be near mommy or daddy, desiring only their company, we can draw near to our Heavenly Father and show Him our affection.

  • How often do we approach God and say “I don’t have any requests. I just want to say how much I love You!”
  • How many times do we bring little gifts, offerings designed by our own hands or lips, simply to delight His heart?
  • How often do we thank Him for His provision, for taking care of us, for giving us blessings both great and small?

We are children of the Living God! We have been given the privilege of calling Him our Abba. He rescued us, redeemed us, and adopted us! He is our Daddy, One who is perfect in every way. Just like with an earthly father, He enjoys it when we approach Him with love and appreciation.

What do we have to offer that will move the heart of our Heavenly Father?

We can sing. We can dance. We can give Him offerings of praise or obedience or sacrifice. We can simply speak what’s on our hearts. We can just sit in His presence and rest our head on His shoulder. However our affection is expressed doesn’t really matter. As long as we adore our Abba.

“Some of the most treasured ‘daddy snapshots’ in the memory bank of my mind are those tender times when my little girls used to climb up on my lap and shower affection upon me. They didn’t need a reason. They did it because they loved their daddy…

Unconditional love has a way of making daddies weak in the knees, soft of heart, and liberal with the pocketbook. There is something special about telling the Father ‘No Daddy, I don’t need anything, I just want You.'”  Tommy Tenny


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