What are You Tasting?

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A while back I was asked to consider writing for the blog. I put it off for a while. I didn’t think about it but when I was asked again last week I said that I would pray about it. And I’m no liar, so I prayed.

And then, hoping God would change his mind, I prayed some more….

And then some more.

I knew what God wanted me to do. Typically, that’s how it works. We usually know what God wants us to do.

Has God ever asked you to do something that you didn’t want to do? Because here’s the thing, I like to write. LOVE it. There’s something about putting your thoughts on paper and being able to physically look at them that makes those thoughts easier to figure out. Easier to understand. Easier to overcome.

What I don’t like? Is letting people read those thoughts. There’s a large dose of vulnerability that comes with that, and nobody likes to be vulnerable. People might judge me if they read them. They might see that I don’t have it all together. They might look at me and say, “she’s such a hypocrite”. They’ll know that I’m not perfect.

But, then I’m reminded, that Jesus didn’t come to this world to save perfect people. He came to save the lost (Matthew 18:11 For the Son of Man came to save the lost). The hopeless. The weary.

So, I revised my prayer. You know those prayers? The kind where we’re all “look God I’m doing what I’m supposed to…. I’m praying about it” but we’re really just telling God what to do? Do it my way, Lord! The ones where we’re telling God what to do but we call it prayer? Yeah. So, it was that kind of ‘prayer’. And I prayed, “God show me what to do. Give me some words. I don’t even have any good ideas! If you really want me to do this, Lord, you’ll type it out for me and I can just hit Submit” Or something like that.

Fast forward, and I’ve been reading “The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” to my five year old. She doesn’t love it nearly as much as I do. I’m reading these quotes, these phrases, these pieces of conversation, that I’m finding almost profound and I’m thinking, “Man, did they get that from the Bible?” (I’ve researched AA Milne a bit and research would suggest, that, likely not.) And, thus, God brought about this series:

What I’ve learned about the Bible from Winnie the Pooh.

“I wasn’t going to eat it, I was just going to taste it.” – Winnie the Pooh

I wonder if that’s what Eve thought when she bit into the Apple in the Garden of Eden?

When the Lord confronted Eve, do you think she tried to remind God that (in Genesis 2:16-17) He said, “Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely EAT: but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not EAT of it:” Do you think she said, “Well, you said not to eat it Lord and I didn’t eat it. I just had a taste.”?

Did she down play her sin? Do you think she justified it in her mind before she ever took the bite? My entire life I have heard and been taught, “Don’t put yourself in the position to sin, even if you wanted to.” I Thessalonians 5:22 even goes as far as to say to “Abstain from all appearance of evil.”

It doesn’t just say don’t do it. It says don’t even let it look like you’re doing it. It says don’t taste of sin. But what does tasting look like? When I see “tasting sin” it often comes in one of these forms:

It was just one drink, I didn’t get drunk.

It was just one kiss, I wasn’t cheating.

I went to the bar/party oh but I didn’t drink.

It’s just a little bit of porn, it’s no big deal. Every guy does it.

The book was great! Just a little dirty in all the right ways.

The song was just a little bit bad.

The movie only had a few curse words. They didn’t even use the F word!

Sure, it was blasphemous but it was FUNNY!

And so many more Psalms 34:8 Taste and see that the LORD is good. The Bible says to “taste and see that the Lord is good.” We don’t have to eat the whole thing. Just a taste is enough. Just a taste to experience something right or wrong, good or bad. One split second decision, one taste, to be in God’s will or out of it.

What are you tasting?

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