Worship: What Does The Bible Say?

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“The King wants a bride. You are His only need; His only weakness is your worship.

What do you give to Someone who [already] has everything? Yourself.” Tommy Tenney, Finding Favor with the King

What comes to mind when you ponder the word “WORSHIP”?

When people hear this word, they typically think about music. But is that really all there is to it, or could there be something more?

Our current goal at ACWM is to study the concept of “worship” for the next several weeks so we can fully understand all it is meant to entail. When I initially felt God prompting me to delve into this concept, I knew the first place I had to start was the Bible. I was fascinated by some of the things I discovered!

In the King James version, there are about 200 uses of the word “worship”. In other versions, there are many more references than that! Right away we can see this was no ordinary word.

1) The first detail I noticed is that worship was typically linked to the word “go”, which shows that we are meant to take intentional action. It was something the people in Scripture planned and sought with purpose.  It’s not meant to be something we happen to do when we end up in a church service.

I found multiple phrases such as these:

  • go off somewhere to worship
  • go to the city
  • go to the temple
  • go to God’s footstool
  • go to the altar

2) Worship is often linked to the concepts of bowing or getting face down before the Lord as a way of showing honor and respect. Our physical posture is how we show humility before Someone most worthy. There were also several references to altars and incense, which seems to imply that the environment we choose must be a place that can help us stay focused on God.

3) Typically the word “worship” was followed up by other words to more accurately describe what the person was doing. The two most common partner words were:

  • Ascribe: to give credit or refer to a supposed cause or source
  • Pay homage: to honor, to respect, to reverence, a formal and public acknowledgment

4) When people worship, God responds. The book of Acts has some powerful examples.

  • At the end of chapter 2, Scripture says that the disciples were constantly praising God, and He added to their numbers daily.
  • During a period of time when the believers were worshiping and fasting, God gave them instructions to send Barnabas and Paul.
  •  When Paul and Silas were in prison, the doors opened to set them free, after they spent time singing hymns to the Lord.

The most important aspect I discovered is this:

Our worship touches the heart of God like nothing else.

He likes it when we obey, his commands, when we study our Bibles, when we are kind to each other, when we forgive often and let go of offense, when we preach the gospel and share our testimony. But if we really want to make Him happy, nothing delights Him more than receiving our gifts of honor and praise. He wants us to desire to connect with Him. He wants us to quench our thirst by spending time with Him, not asking for anything, but simply loving Him back.

The greatest desire of a bride and groom is to spend time together, doing life side by side. They often perform nice deeds or give gifts to show their affection for each other. The King of King longs to be close to His bride, the church. He wants to do life with us and provide blessings. But too often we’re busy with other things. How many times have we waited for Sunday to roll around only to toss up a few choruses –  not out of adoration, but out of duty and tradition?

How can we take time away from the chaos of life to spend a few minutes lavishing love on our God, the One Who rescued and redeemed us?

Be sure to follow us in the weeks to come as we delve further into the concept of worship. We’ll try to define all the word encompasses, study David’s passion for music from the Psalms, and learn different ways we can worship our Savior!

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