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Dear God,

I am here to meet with you this early morning seated, kneeling, standing, stretched out flat on the floor, hands raised high, lying in bed, curled up in the arm chair, driving down the highway, sitting on the balcony coffee in hand. Standing by the wayside, at the bus stop, waiting for the train, at the airport terminal running, holding hands…. just being in your presence. Thank you for the times that you have enveloped me, held me, taught me, and molded me for all your glory.

Lord almighty… King of Kings…Lord of Lords…

The one true God…

The one who makes all things. Awesome perfect God, loving us all deeply and keeping us, protecting, providing for us, making a way where there seems to be no way. Lord Bless this time with you.

Come Holy Spirit and speak to me, open the eyes of my understanding, make a way and bless your children with wisdom beyond our peers.

God, you are good all the time as I consider all that you have done.

God I am so thankful. I pray Lord that I keep hearing from you. Bless us to be wise and true and give us understanding.

Lord Jesus as we step into the new week, we pray for supernatural strength. Lord I just ask for the unction of the Holy Spirit in our homes.

Give us a double potion of anointing for getting things done this weekend. Heal all those who are brokenhearted from the pains of the past.

May this week be a week of great accomplishment, for we pay this in Jesus name.

And Lord as the first month of this new year we are expectant for all you are going to do in 2018.


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