The Joy of Less: Making Room for What Matters Most

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 “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.  they must be felt with the heart.”  Quote Hellen Keller

Has God ever asked you to walk away from it all?  To give everything up and walk in a totally different direction?

That is our story.  It all started three years ago when God starting working fervently in our hearts.  In fact God did a complete overhaul and did the impossible, transforming our hearts.  It all started with a prayer.

God I pray that your desires will be my desires.  I pray my heart will be filled with what you desire for me.

Be careful what you pray for. That prayer opened the door for God to do something amazing.  It allowed him to orchestrate the impossible.  God asked me a very tough question, “Will you allow me to be the one to fill you with more of what I have planned for you?  Will you trust me to lead you to the best life ever?”

What God was asking us to do, was a tall order.  He was asking us to walk away from the life we had been working toward, that we had built over the past 10 years.  He had asked us to walk away from our house, our family and friends, our jobs, everything we knew.  Why?  To be filled with the more God desired for us.

By allowing God to fill us with his desires it opened a door for so much more.  It allowed God to rid of us anything getting in the way of him so he could fill us with his abundance and not the world’s.  To the world we seemed crazy, giving up a life that is considered the ‘American Dream.’  You could say we had it all according to the standard of the world.  But there will always be something more the world is telling you to buy and achieve, this will only leave a person weary and depleted.

By allowing God to have our struggle and letting him clear the way to make more room for him, it allowed him to orchestrate the impossible to make room in our lives and hearts for what mattered most;  God, each other, making and cherishing memories and serving others.

God can’t be the God you are asking him to be if there is clutter, busyness and distractions in the way (Click to Tweet).  

Quote Chicken Soup for the Soul:  The Joy of Less- “Life is focused now on what we are putting into our hearts and not what we are putting into our closets.”  Heather Gillis (Click to Tweet)

If you would like to hear our story that was published in “Chicken Soup for the Soul:  The Joy of Less,” Watch the Live Devotional on Periscope Click Here.

It is amazing what God can do when you allow him to have all of your heart, when you give him all of your struggles and trust him with the plans he has for you.

God desires for you to have the Best Life Ever!  Will you allow God to have every space of your heart so he can fill you with more, to provide you with the best life ever?  Will you allow him to lead you, will you trust in his plan for you?

I promise if you take that one step of faith God will work out the details, opening the many doors of opportunity for you. (Click to Tweet) 

I would love to hear from you!  What have you cleared from your life to make room for what matters most?

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*Previously posted 5/29/2016

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