As We’re Preparing to Fast

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Our 2018 Fast begins next week! We’re starting the new year with a 21-day fast, asking God to move in our families, our churches, and the great state of Alaska.

We hope you’ll plan on joining us from January 10th – January 31st.

Let me know if you want to participate so I can pray for you. Just shoot me a direct message on Facebook, or post a message on our Facebook Page.

As you consider participating, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What type of fast would be best for this season of life? (for ideas see our post on different types of fasts and the side effects) What is God leading me to sacrifice for 21 days?
  2. What burden is on my heart? What do I want to see changed in my life? Where does God want me to focus my time and attention in seeking Him? (see our post on the purpose and goal of fasting)
  3. How can I spend extra time with the Lord in prayer and worship each day? Where do I need to intentionally make room in my daily schedule to meet with Him?
  4. What will I study during the fast? Perhaps a word or concept God has given me, perhaps a truth of Scripture to help overcome a weakness or besetting sin, perhaps an attribute of God.

Be sure to write down your plan: what specifically you intend to fast, what specifically you’re asking God to do in your life, where you’re going to make extra time for Him, and what you’re committing to study. Writing it all down helps you stay accountable!

And please don’t hesitate to share your heart on our Facebook page as we travel this 21-day journey together! There is no pressure to share, but many times you’ll be able to give and receive encouragement from the other ladies who are participating.

We will meet Thursday evenings to pray together for about an hour, and everyone is welcome to come, if you wish. My close friend Christy offered to let us use her home again! Details will be posted on the Facebook Page.

One last thing: make sure your heart is in the right place. Humility is imperative as we seek to give God the glory. For more details, review our post on Fasting and Motives of the Heart .

Last year as we explored the concept of fasting, we wrote a series of blog posts about it. I encourage you to check them out!

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