21-Day Fast 2018: Will You Join Us?

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In January of this year, we challenged the women of Alaska to join together in a coorporate fast to seek the Lord on behalf of their family struggles, their difficult circumstances, and the state of Alaska.

And now, we want to issue another invitation!

I mentioned to the original team of ladies that we would consider gathering again next year. I left the Facebook group open in anticipation, and I’m excited to announce that we’re going to seek the Lord again for another 21 days. I was humbled by all the stories of how God moved in each woman’s life. We came together, many of us strangers, yet united in our goal and encouraging each other not to give up. He answered in amazing ways!

Who is ready to see God do even more?!?!?

While asking the Lord for direction in initiating a group fast in 2018, I came across this quote in my study time, and it broke my heart.

The modern church is poorer and weaker for neglecting the practice of fasting. So many believers suffer from spiritual anemia, or loss of strength and stamina, because they have never learned to fast, and so many of their prayers have failed to break through enemy ramparts.” Jame Goll, The Lifestyle of a Watchman

The words seemed a little harsh, but are they untrue? I believe he is right – we don’t sacrifice as much as we could.

Many of us want to do more fasting and praying, we just have a hard time getting around to it. Life is busy. Seriously, busy. And we have an enemy who keeps getting us off track. It’s not that we mean to neglect these disciplines; we all have good intentions. We all love God and want to serve Him.

So let me provide an opportunity! Consider this your invitation! Put it on your calendar and tell your friends!

Save the Date!

  • Scheduled 21 Days: January 10-31, 2018.
  • Meeting times: once per week, probably Tuesday or Thursday evenings, in someone’s home (more details on this later.)
  • Participation: just shoot me a message or type a quick note on our Facebook page!
  • Connection: Daily communication and encouragement through our Facebook page!

Right now most of us are focused on preparing for Christmas, so we’ll announce more details after the holiday is over.

Until then, here are a couple links to some blog posts we put up last year to help everyone understand why Biblical fasting is such an important discipline. and if you have a question, just shoot me a message!

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