The Stirring, The Longing, The Awakening

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“I feel it in my bones – You’re about to move…”

They say during autumn, the air is crisp.

And it’s true. I breathe it in deep, savoring the fresh smells of the morning. The chill nips at my skin as the sky lightens with the sun. Golden leaves drift over the ground, flipping and fluttering in the breeze.

All around, I can feel something stirring. It’s the sweet treasure of autumn. And it’s the anticipation of You.

I think if how You yearn to come to us.

Your Word says that You come to rescue us from sin and bondage. That You come when we call for help in times of trouble. That You come when Your people lift their voice in praise. That You come when to us we ask, seek and knock.

But this longing … it’s different.

You’ve already rescued so many of us from sin. You’ve answered cries for help. You’ve gloried in our praise. You’ve answered our prayers. And we are grateful!

Yet You desire more for us. Your bridegroom heart beats wild! I see You pacing, patient and yet impatient. Ever waiting, ever watching, ever wishing to break free. The Great Lion of Judah cannot be kept in a cage. You long to sweep us off our feet, to envelop us in Your majesty and carry us to exotic places unknown.

My heart begins to beat faster. Does it match the rhythm of Your own heartbeat? Can my anticipation be anything close to Yours? Your Bride is waking – the time is so near! All around me the stirring swirls higher. You won’t be restrained much longer!

Oh, how I wish it were in my power to release you! I long to see what it looks like this time when You come and we fully awaken. I strive to do my part, to accomplish all You’ve asked of me before You arrive, preparing my heart for You to come. Our King and Champion, You are most welcome here!

And I know You’ll come, when the time is right. You’ve promised! You always come.

Until then, my soul longs for You, desiring only the Bridegroom.

Come, Holy Spirit, come.


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