Voice of God: Was That Really Him Talking?

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Have you ever felt confused or unsure when you thought God might be speaking to you?

This happens to us all! Was it really God speaking? Did I really hear Him correctly?

Last week we covered some tips for how to hear God speak.  Yet, even when we do all those things right,  it can be tough at times to really know for sure if the impression we feel is truly from the Holy Spirit, and if we understood it right.

Some people can pick it up quickly, while others may be less confident. I believe it just takes a little practice! Over time as we learn to tune into the Holy Spirit, our faith is increased, we become less nervous and more excited. Our confidence grows and we recognize His voice more often.

When you’re not sure if God was really speaking to you, ask these questions:

  1. Does it contradict anything in the Bible? This should always be our first question, because the enemy will do all he can to confuse us or make us quit trying to understand. God will never tell us to lie, steal or kill someone. He will never tell us to say something disrespectful to another person. He will never tell us to commit adultery. He may ask us to do some crazy things to test our obedience, but He doesn’t contradict what He’s already said in His written Word.
  2. Was I truly seeking Him, or my own agenda? We have to be really open and honest with ourselves, and with God, when it comes to listening for His voice. There are many who will try to justify their wrong actions by claiming God told them to do something when He really didn’t. To truly hear God speak, we must be willing to lay aside our own feelings and desires and accept that He may say something we won’t like. When we surrender our will to Him and align our hearts with His, we’ll be able to clearly see what He wants to show us.
  3. Was I reasoning when the thought came? God doesn’t speak while we are trying to figure something out. He speaks through impressions in our spirit, not logical thought. When we are troubled, we typically ponder the situation to find an answer, which can actually hinder us from hearing what God has to say. When our minds are actively searching for a solution, we’re not listening. We must be still, capturing our racing thoughts and resting in Him so our ears will be opened.
  4. Does God want me to keep seeking? Sometimes God only gives us half the information, just a taste of the answer, because He wants us to keep pressing into Him. Instead of shrugging it off because it doesn’t make sense, we must keep asking and listening so He will explain Himself better. To confirm his words, we can ask Him to say it again, and we can even ask Him for a sign to clarify what we think we heard. We may have to wait a few minutes, a few days, or a few weeks, but if we trust Him, He’ll reveal it. There have been times when I’ve asked God to explain things to me, and He’s led me to Bible studies months after I asked Him the question in the first place. Sometimes we just have to be patient.

If we’re genuinely trying, and determined to understand, God will meet us at our level and teach us how to hear Him. He doesn’t want it to be complicated. He doesn’t intend to hide from us. He enjoys sharing His heart with us!  The Bible is clear that He wants to guide us so we’ll succeed in life.

Just like learning the alphabet or how to swim, we have to keep trying until we get it!

Next, we’ll discuss some things we sometimes do that actually hinder our connection and make it difficult to hear his voice.

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