My Opinions, When Compared with the Holy Spirit

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…without the quickening of the Holy Spirit even truth is of small advantage.” Watchman Nee

Previously, we’ve discussed how sharing our opinion can be valuable. Knowing when to speak up can be tricky, because God doesn’t want us to get caught up in petty arguments.

Sometimes we need to keep our opinions to ourselves. Too often our opinions cause division.


So what if, instead of speaking with our own agenda, we chose to speak based on the prompting of the Holy Spirit?

I get weary of being surrounded by opinions. In the past 48 hours, I’ve encountered:

  • a woman at the grocery store who wanted to tell me her thoughts on the public school system.
  • my friend on social media who once more has something negative to say about our political leadership.
  • a coworker who didn’t like a new process we’ve put into place.
  • my child who doesn’t want to eat the dish that’s been made for dinner.

What would the world be like if we spoke less of our own opinions and more of God’s thoughts?

  • What if, when we talk about school, we discussed how God wants Christians in all avenues of education, that He doesn’t endorse a single option, but many?
  • What if, instead of opposing our imperfect leaders, we choose to look for the good in them and view them the way God views them (with a heart full of love)?
  • What if, instead of complaining about things we don’t like at our job, we choose to make the most of it and focus on the good things God has given us at work?
  • What if, instead of dismissing a food we don’t care for, we respond with gratitude for the ability to purchase ingredients and the person who took the time to prepare the meal?

How would my community be different if I offered my opinion a little less?

Too often, I default to what I want and what I think is best. Too often, I can’t see my own pride and selfishness. How do I overcome my opinions, this desire to share my wisdom and experiences? How do I exercise self-control over my mouth and stay silent until invited to express my thoughts?

By surrendering to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

By learning to love people the way God loves people, where opinions really don’t matter.

By seeking Him before I open my mouth, and only sharing my thoughts, or His thoughts, when He leads me to speak.

If I listened more, I’d be able to hear the Holy Spirit nudging me to quiet my opinions and simply press into my Savior.

Because when it comes to Jesus, my opinions fall incredibly flat compared to His majesty and grace.

When I place God on the throne of my life each day, giving Him control over my thoughts and my speech, seeking to know more of His heart, I find there isn’t that much to say after all.


Have you struggled to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit? Next week we’ll share some tips on how to hear God speak!


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