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Is it really that important to read my Bible?

You may have wondered this question and the answer is a loud: YES!


Because God guides our every step when we read the Bible.

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” (Psalm 119:105)

When we create a daily routine that includes Bible passages, we invite God to show us the way. We admit that we are humans, children of the One True God, in need of His wisdom and protection.  And we obey what He has commanded us to do over all things:

Jesus replied: “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. (Matthew 22:37-38)

If we have too many activities in our day-to-day lives that keep us from our Bible reading, we are unable to do our basic function: love God. Some of the things that keep us from God are actually distractions the enemy throws at us in the shape of “sweet candy” or “innocent entertainment.” But anything that keep us from spending time with God, even if it is a good thing, hampers our relationship with Him. We need to MAKE TIME to be fed spiritually and create boundaries in order to grow our relationship with the Lord.

You can’t just go to church on Easter and Christmas, exclusively read the Bible when you are seeking answers, or only pray when you are desperate, and expect your “light” to stay bright. Our light will always go dim if we don’t seek God daily. Like the battery of a smartphone, we must recharge often; money, tasks, relationships, not even Bible studies can replace our daily need for God’s word.

Wait! What? Bible studies?

Yes. Let me explain.

There are hundreds of studies classified as “Bible studies” that are about the Bible, but often, about someone’s opinion or interpretation of certain books or topics in the Bible. Any study that does not make you open your Bible, at a minimum to look up verses, should never replace your daily Bible study time.

Now, I know we all have crazy schedules and the thought of adding something “daily” can sound terrifying. And that for many, reading the Bible can seem overwhelming or intimidating. But please hang-on tight friends! I’m not telling you to carve out 1hr, not even 30mins. I’m telling you to make it a daily habit.

Make a schedule and discuss the matter with God in prayer. You may start with 5 mins and increment to 1hr with time. You may only read one verse some days and do 30mins other days. The important thing is to spend time in His word daily. Do not beat yourself up for however long or short you are able to schedule and/or accomplish. It is not a competition! And I think God would rather have you spend some time than zero time.

However, it may mean getting up 30mins earlier, or not turning the tv on some days. It could also be during lunch time or while commuting (audio recordings). The sky is the limit; and the fruits we will reap are so worth it!

When we let the Holy Spirit shine His light in our lives:

-We can see the path we should go and follow it with confidence

-We can light the way for others through our actions and words

-We shine from the inside out, undeniably glorifying His name

Constantly spending time in the word with our Lord will equip you to shine His light. I challenge you to set a time when you can commit to read the Bible and seek His presence every day.


*Previously posted on QualityAboveQuantity on 9/16/16

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