Falling Down In Front Of Someone Famous

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Have you ever made a fool of yourself in front of a group of people you admire?

How about someone famous who writes a lot of bible studies and speaks at tons of meetings for women?

I could use a good laugh today, so I figured I’d pull this post out of the archives – just want to make sure you’re all ready for when it’s your turn!

Over this past weekend, many of my new friends returned to the SheSpeaks Proverbs 31 conference on the East Coast, and I’m a bit sad I couldn’t go this year. Thinking back to last year and all that I experienced there, my biggest memory by far was meeting Lysa Terkeurst. And of course, my most embarrassing moment, tripping in front of her and her staff.

Let me explain how you can have that experience, too!

I learned a little bit about humility the day I met Lysa Terkeurst.

As I walked beside her toward the back hallway, I tripped and fell, landing on my hands and knees.

That’s about as low as it gets, ladies. I mean, seriously, how do you recover from something like that?

All I can say is that Lysa is one classy lady, and I am not sorry I tripped. Out of hundreds of women, I, simple Jen from Alaska, was able to capture her attention – for two whole minutes!

This is no easy feat, I assure you, especially when you want to make a good impression. You must be sure to make the most of your opportunity.

Falling Down Like A Pro:

#1 – Choose a fashionable location. For me, a large conference at the Concord Convention Center worked quite well.

#2 – Carry something heavy. This will ensure that you go down. I chose a backpack full of writing utensils, study materials, and flip-flops.

#3 – Wear heels. Really, the higher the better, because it changes your center of gravity. I stuck with a 2-inch rise.

#4 – Don’t watch where you’re walking. This works best if you’re a bit star-struck and not thinking clearly.

#5 – Strike your foot on an object. Anything in the way will do. If there is no obstruction in your path, the floor will suffice as a good ‘plan B’.

#6 – Throw your hands out. It may look like you’re trying to catch your balance but trust me – it won’t stop you. For a more dramatic look, you can throw your hands up high in the air.

#7 – Go down with grace. Ignore the collective gasp – there will be plenty of compassion and compliments later.

#8 – Stick the landing. I highly recommend the ‘hands and knees’ approach so you don’t smash your nose into the floor. Face-plants are not nearly as chic.

#9 – Quickly get back to your feet. Focus on poise because all eyes are on you. At this point it’s important to assure the onlookers that you’re a pro. I suggest a smile, but skip the bow.

10# – Go on with your day. No need to explain or make excuses. You fell. They saw. That’s it. You can be proud knowing you’ve accomplished something no one else was brave enough to try.

And that, ladies, is how it’s done! This will actually work with any celebrity or mentor, or even out in public with strangers. Let the fun begin!


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