A Little Comma

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I generally like to fit in and fly under the radar. I don’t mind being different, but I don’t want to make a scene about it. So, when I noticed my dad saying the Pledge of Allegiance differently, I hoped no one else noticed. After all, why say it differently than the 500 other people in the building??

Everyone around him says, “One nation, under God, indivisible,” with a small pause at each comma.

Dad removes one single comma. A little comma that changes everything.

He says, “One nation, under God indivisible…”

I asked him about it one time. He explained that you can’t separate America’s indivisibility from its relationship to God. America’s ability to remain a united nation is wholly dependent upon America’s choice to remain “under God”.

By removing the comma,

  • We recognize that without God’s grace, our nation is NOT indivisible. It is subject to being torn apart–from within and from without.
  • We admit that our national security is dependent upon God, not politics or military might.
  • We confess that God is not obligated to protect a nation that rejects Him.
  • We acknowledge that God is sovereign.
  • We humbly surrender our sins of arrogance and pride.

As an adult, I also find myself eliminating the pause between “indivisible” and “under God”. It is a subtle act of surrender to the One True Ruler. It is my acknowledgement of the sovereignty of Jesus over all things. It is my prayer.


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