Why Do We Stop?

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I didn’t mean to quit.

It just wasn’t as fun as I thought, and I didn’t get the answers I wanted. Soon, I got busy. Distracted by other things. I lost interest because I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. So I stopped praying for my friend.

I never thought of myself as a quitter, but it was right there in front of me, and for a while I didn’t let it bother me. Yet God kept nudging me, and finally after several months, I obeyed and got back to it. I didn’t really feel like it, but I knew I had to. My friend needed me.

I couldn’t afford to be a quitter any longer.

We’ve all quit at something, and it’s hard to face that reality sometimes. But it’s also necessary. If we pause for a moment to reflect and listen, we’ll see that God has been gently prompting us to get back to it. No condemnation, just encouragement to start again.

Have you stopped praying about that one dream or problem? Have you stopped reading your Bible consistently? Have you stopped showing up to church or bible study regularly? Have you stopped serving in ministry or attending prayer meetings?

“… you no longer love Me as you did at first.” Revelation 2:4

We don’t really mean to quit. It just sorta happens.

Why do we stop doing those things we know we ought to do for the Lord?

  1. Busy schedules. We add too much to our calendar, and the things of the Lord just don’t seem as pressing as other things, so we put them off. We think they can wait; can do them later.
  2. Distractions. We have good intentions, but then the kids need something, the pets make a mess, we see a chore that needs to be done, we get a text or phone call. We don’t know how to protect our time with Him.
  3. Self-indulgence. As humans, our natural tendency is to do whats easy, what sounds good in the moment. We don’t commit, we don’t utilize self-discipline, because we’d rather sleep in or watch TV.
  4. Disinterest. Our culture has grown to idolize entertainment. Spending time with God doesn’t really sound like fun, so we don’t prioritize it. We forget that its about Him and not us.

How can we become more steady in our commitment to spend time with God?

  1. Schedule time with Him and protect that time. There are times we may have to get up at 4-5am or cut out an activity we really want to prove to Him that He’s first in our life.
  2. Shut off distractions by finding a place to be alone. Refuse to get involved in activities that can wait. Create (or find) a sacred place, such as a war room, where we can meet Him regularly.
  3. Resist the urge to serve our flesh and live by how  we feel in the moment. Go to bed on time, turn off the TV more often, set aside electronics, leave the party a little earlier.
  4. Change our mindset about spending time with Him. We meet with Him to worship, to show our gratitude, to seek how to serve Him. If we get a blessing, then great! But our focus must be on Him.

We don’t mean to lose sight of God in our everyday lives. It’s never our intention. But, ladies, can we take an honest assessment? Can we admit that there are some areas where we’re not as committed or disciplined as we could be?

Where can we each take action today to ensure that we are not quitters?

“… let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” Hebrews 12:1

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