Stand Firm: Pray Without Ceasing

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“Christ actually meant prayer to be the great power by which His church should do its work…” Andrew Murray

We’ve begun a series on How to Stand Firm. First, we discussed briefly why we can’t allow ourselves to be moved when the enemy attacks. Last week we reviewed the armor of God and why that is so significant in our lives. Today, we’ll discuss a tool that is seriously (and sadly) under-utilized in our world today: prayer.

Previously I shared 4 ways to resist the enemy based on the scripture from James 4:7 stating if we resist, he will flee. Another way to resist is to never stop praying (1 Thes 5:16).

Satan hates when believers pray. He knows that when we humble ourselves before God, the Holy Spirit and God’s glory are released on earth. The Bible tells us to ask and it will be given to us (Matthew 7), that if we remain in Him then whatever we wish will be done (John 15:7).

Prayer is essential if we want to see God move. Simply put, talking with God changes things. The early church in Acts grew immensely because of the believers’ devotion to prayer. Major revivals throughout history were initiated because of intense prayer and fasting.

And we have that ability today as well, if we choose to pray without ceasing, integrating prayer into our very lifestyle, making it the first thing we do rather than the last.

  • Ours prayers must be full of faith, they must be in accordance to the will of God, and they must be spoken in the name of Jesus.
  • We can send one sentence prayers up to heaven several times a day, or even no words at all when we’re overwhelmed with emotion , but we have to set aside larger chunks of time so we can really connect with the Lord on a deep level.
  • We can stand, sit, lift our hands, close our eyes, get on our faces; our posture will depend on the situation we’re bringing before Him.
  • Since scripture is God’s truth, speaking His word aloud and in prayer gives it more of a punch. We apply His truth in our prayers and claim His promises.
  • We must always approach Him with humility and reverence, making sure we start off praising Him, then confessing our sin and thanking Him for His goodness.

So what should we pray for if we wish to stand firm?

  1. Ourselves. For awhile I felt selfish praying over myself every day but I now understand that it’s vital to cover myself. I can’t stand firm on my own – I need God’s help. We can ask God to give us our desires, but more important are prayers for growth, purity, strength, wisdom, and protection. We must lift up our passions and our futures, seeking His direction.
  2. Family. The enemy always comes after those closest to us as a way to take us down. We must cover them in prayer so they will be protected. We intercede for them and ask for God’s blessing and favor on their lives. We ask for their hearts to be open to hear Him speak, that they would seek and serve Him, that they won’t fall into strongholds of sin. We fight for them on our knees.
  3. Friends/jobs/church/ministry/future. Another tactic of the enemy is to cause division anywhere He can. We must pray for our relationships, that God would help us to be loving when others are not. We’re all flawed; disagreements are going to happen, but we must handle them in a proper manner. We also need to stand in the gap for those who are in tough situations.

Ladies, we must go before The Throne every day. If we want to see things change in our homes, in our health, in our jobs, in our schools, in our churches, we must make prayer a priority.

“Through prayer, you’ll not only be able to defend yourself from incoming sniper fire, but through Almighty God will be able to push into enemy territory and take… stuff… back.” Pricilla Shirer.

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