When Gratitude Unlocked a Miracle

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Last week, I wrote about giving thanks in the middle of trouble. Little did I know just how much I would need that message on the very day the blog published.

A few months ago, several of us at Alaska Christian Women’s Ministry began praying about having a vendor table at a local homeschool convention. The topics of womanhood and women’s discipleship had been forefront in our minds. We were approved to teach a class about those topics at the convention.

I cannot tell you how much prayer went into the preparation. I can only tell you that it was a LOT!! We prayed for the women who would attend our class. We asked God to use our class to set women free from false beliefs, to open their eyes to life-giving truth, and to release God’s favor over their lives. Our goals were big and we believed them to be God-given.

The day of that class was the same day that I published the blog about gratitude. I planned to attend our middle child’s school concert that morning before heading to the convention at 10:00. As my husband and kids were about ready to head out the door for work and school, our youngest (we’ll call him Buddy) suddenly had severe pain in his side. Thinking it was constipation or gas bubbles, I told him to go the bathroom. When I checked on him, he couldn’t stand up. I had to pick him up and get him re-dressed. He couldn’t walk, so I carried him down to our couch.

I was concerned. I quickly texted the other women helping at the convention, asking them to pray for healing.

I called my nurse-mom for help diagnosing the pain. It wasn’t appendicitis. Wrong side. It wasn’t a gas bubble. The pain was in his hip bone.

Every movement made him scream in pain. The sounds of “Mommy, it hurts! It hurts!” tore at my heart and my composure. An ice pack helped–until it didn’t. A heating pad helped–until it didn’t.

I opened to Psalm 91 on my phone and prayed it over my boy. I got to verses 14-16. I took God at His Word. I encouraged Buddy to ask Jesus to help him. I clung to the promise that God would deliver him.

Finally, I picked my son up to carry him to the car. His tormented cry ripped open my mama-heart. After placing him in his car seat, I grabbed my stuff so we could drive to the emergency room.  A few blocks from our house, I felt the burning tears begin to escape my eyes. The panic threatened to overwhelm me. I wanted to take away my boy’s pain, but I couldn’t.

Suddenly, I realized that this was exactly where Satan wanted me to be: panicked and fearful. God then reminded me of the words He had given me for that day’s blog:

In everything give thanks…I Thessalonians 5:18 NKJV

I thanked God that we were so close to an emergency room. Then He brought another verse to mind, so I started saying it over and over: “We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” (Romans 8:37 NIV)

Within seconds, Buddy announced, “Mommy, when I am all better, I’ll let you know.”

We drove another block.

“Mommy, I can move around. It doesn’t hurt anymore! I’m all better!”

“Seriously?” I asked. “Did God just heal you?”

“How many people were praying for me, Mommy?”

“About four or five,” I replied.

I drove to the emergency room parking lot. I asked him to get out and walk on the sidewalk right next to our vehicle. He jumped out onto the sidewalk. He hopped up and down laughing. The pure joy on his face was breath-taking. “God healed me!” he shouted.

There was no reason to take a perfectly pain-free boy into the emergency room, so we drove to a local fast-food place for a much-needed breakfast. When I took Buddy to school, I saw our middle child in the hallway. I was so sad that I had missed her concert. She didn’t mind though, once we told her how her little brother had been healed on the way to the ER. She hugged him with delight before running off to join her class.

I made it to the convention at 10:00, just as planned. But I wasn’t the same person who originally planned to go teach a class about God’s design for women. I was no longer a harmless house-cat. Satan had fought us hard that morning. Through prayer and thanksgiving, the Lion of Judah roared healing and power into our lives. One small statement of gratitude unlocked a door. Walking through that door turned me into a lioness in Jesus’ pride. I knew Satan wanted to stop the message of truth enough to attack a sweet boy. I also knew that God wanted it to get out enough to heal my son on the way to the emergency room.

What attacks are you facing? Are they keeping you from reaching your full potential?

Pray over God’s direction on your life. Ask others to pray with you and for you. Skip a meal to spend time in fervent prayer.

Then thank God. Thank Him for all the little blessings in your struggles. Your deliverance might not come within seconds, but be assured that it is on its way!

When the enemy attacks, rise up like the lioness you are. Roar out your praise and thanksgiving to the Lion of Judah.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7 NKJV


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