What Does ‘Let Go’ Really Mean?

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“Let go and let God.”

Such a cute little cliche. While it’s good advice, it’s also over-simplified.

Because typically, letting go isn’t as simple as it sounds.

I’ve asked God so many questions over the years. How do I let go of this issue that’s bothering me? How do I know when I have truly let go? Why is it so hard to let this go?

While each issue we face is unique, the concept behind letting go is the same. Whether it’s a step of faith, a financial struggle, a strained relationship, the loss of a loved one, or a stressful schedule, at some point we have to learn to be okay in our junk.

Letting go is not plastering a smile on our face and pretending we are fine – its actually getting to the point where we are fine, no matter how life pans out. And many times after we think we’ve let go, we find that we’re stewing over the issue again, and we have to do the process all over. The more we want our way, the stronger our desire to be right and be in control, the harder it is to let go of an issue and the more work it will take on our part to surrender.

What does it mean to ‘Let Go’?

  1. A change of perspective. I can look at the situation from God’s point of view rather than my own. His ways are not my ways, and because He is God, His plan is bigger and better than mine. My expectations and desires no longer seem so important, in light of what God has in mind for me. I switch my focus, change my attitude, and accept that God knows what He’s doing; He doesn’t need my opinion or my help. Instead of focusing on the negative about the situation, I focus on God, and how amazing He. I choose to be grateful.
  2. Surrendering our will to God’s. I am no longer fighting to have my own way, trying to manipulate my circumstances to meet my desires, trying to convince God that He should work out the situation according to my plan. I no longer hold tight to the issue; I give up total control (even when I never really had control to begin with). I leave it in His capable hands and submit to whatever He allows. I get out of God’s way and let Him work things out for me.
  3. Feeling peace about the issue. Since I am no longer striving to get what I want, I’m no longer frustrated when I don’t get my way. Instead of being filled with turmoil, my heart and soul are at rest whenever I think of the situation that used to really bother me. No worry, no anger, no stress. In fact, may times I smile, because I finally accept that God knows what He’s doing and His timing is perfect. I trust Him completely.

Recently God gave me a picture of a sculpture He was working on. His strong hands gently shaped the clay into the image He desired. But then there I was standing beside Him, telling Him what He should do with it, how He should hurry up. At times I poked at the sculpture, trying to “help” and shape it my way, instead of letting Him do it Himself.

It’s His creation, not mine. As an artist, its insulting to have others interfere with your work.

Letting go is taking a hands-free approach to the issue. It’s saying “God’s got this” and stepping out of His way so He can continue to shape the situation for our good and for His glory.

What do you need to leave in the Master’s Hands today?

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