There Is No Box

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It never ceases to amaze me how we try to squeeze God into a box. Because we cannot grasp His vastness, we build boxes and try to make God fit into them.

We have denominational boxes: Baptist, Pentecostal, Catholic, Presbyterian.

Then there are those who want to force God into the theological boxes of Arminiansim and Calvinism, which try to define the balance between God’s will and man’s choice.

And of course, we have boxes for God’s definition of women which range from women submitting to all men to women submitting to no one.

Seriously. We have a God who created the universe. Not only does He fully understand the composition and workings of this universe, but He created it all. He holds it in His hand. The earth is where he rests His feet. By comparison, we are like tiny, insignificant ants scurrying around at His feet. All we can see is the smallest part of His little toe, yet we arrogantly try to box God into the limits of our own understanding.

The Jews in Jesus’ day had the same problem. They thought that the Messiah was going to come to save them from Roman oppression and set up His righteous Kingdom here on earth. They had no concept that on THIS visit to earth, Jesus had a far greater mission. They didn’t understand that Jesus had to be the sacrificial Lamb before He could be the conquering King. And so they boxed Him up.

When He didn’t fit their religious boxes, they plotted to kill their Creator. He brought the dead back to life, healed the leper, and restored sight to the blind. Yet they still became angry because He didn’t fit their box. Their own actions revealed that they were not God-followers–instead, they were box-worshipers.

Jesus didn’t let their boxes affect His mission.

He endured the crown of thorns, the separation from His Father, the pain of our sins, the humiliation of His obedience–because He knew the Father’s plan was far better than any human box. After Jesus died a painful death on the cross, His followers gently carried Him to another box of sorts, the borrowed tomb.

Jesus didn’t stay in that box either.

He defied that box and all other man-made boxes as He came back to life. His glory burst through the walls of rock and rolled the stone door away. Jesus folded His grave clothes and walked out victorious over sin and death.

Because Jesus conquered the box of death, we can live.

We can receive forgiveness for our sins. We can be freed from the boxes of addiction, oppression, abuse, sickness, and even death. Because Jesus lives, we can receive His love like beloved children. We now have access to the Father through Jesus Christ!

If you have never experienced Jesus, I encourage you to seek Him with all your heart. Read the Gospel of John in the New Testament of the Bible. Read the other blogs on this website. Find a local church. Call up a trusted Christian friend, if you have one. If you don’t, contact us here at this blog. (We’d love to help!)

If you are ready to leave behind your boxes to follow the uncontainable Jesus, pray something like this:

Dear Jesus,

I know that I have broken Your laws. I have hurt You with my selfish actions. I know I will never be good enough to earn a relationship with You. Please forgive me and change me. Help me walk away from my sin. I accept Your payment for my sins through Your death and resurrection. Please send Your Holy Spirit to live inside me, to teach me, and to help me obey Your Word. I want to follow You the rest of my life. Teach me how to live as a child of the King of Kings. 


If you have made a recent decision to follow Jesus, please let us know via comment or e-mail.

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  1. Jesus is King of slings and Lord of Lords and can’t fit into a box! He is almighty and greater than anything we could ever imagine! This is beautiful Carol!

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