Why We Need To Get Uncomfortable

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“I just didn’t see it.”

How many times have we been looking for an object that was right in front of us, but our eyes somehow missed it?

Over time we can get so used to a particular environment that everything tends to blend in. When we drive the same route to work each day. When we shop at the same supermarket every week. When we sit in the same pew every Sunday.

We like routine because it’s comfortable.

While there is value in a certain amount of routine when it comes to efficiency or success, there is also danger. When we do the same thing over and over, it becomes a habit. We don’t have to think about anything; we act out of reflex. We don’t realize the monotony is causing us trouble.

We don’t notice the details anymore.

We take the familiar for granted.

We skip over the little things.

When we’re comfortable, when we know what to expect, when there is no challenge – that’s when we miss out on God’s blessings.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about How to be Uncomfortable. As humankind, we prefer the smooth and uncomplicated things of life, rather than discomfort and turmoil. But in those places, we don’t grow. It’s in life’s uncomfortable places that we learn to be better. Stronger. Braver.

Our faith is tested when we’re uncomfortable.

When our surroundings remain constant, we tend to be complacent. We hold onto what is familiar. We rarely initiate change on our own; something has to prompt us. Yet there’s no need to trust in God when everything is going smoothly. Life’s little complications are meant to provide opportunities to practice maturity and develop faith.

God rewards obedience. He wants us to step out of our comfort zone and depend on Him.

We learn a deeper trust in God when family moves away. When we watch a friend’s marriage fall apart. When we struggle with a besetting sin. When our prodigal child refuses to speak with us. When every second of our schedule is crammed full and we’re not getting enough sleep at night. These are the times to pause and seek Him. What is He trying to develop in us?

When we feel led to quit our job or join a new ministry, when the Holy Spirit prompts us to tell our story, when God gives us a dream and then doesn’t open doors fast enough, when He drops daily challenges into our lap that don’t make sense, we must ask Him why He’s making us uncomfortable.

Because if we’re not scared about something, then we’re not uncomfortable enough.

Jesus girls, daughters of the Most High, don’t spend their days laying around in luxury – they’re out being brave, gaining strength and fighting battles.

What uncomfortable place is God calling you to? How is He refining you and asking for your trust?

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  1. Jen, this hits home!!! God has put me in a new ministry that is completely “out of my comfort zone.” He has put me in an area that I would have never asked to be and honestly I was pretty scared. However, I can honestly say, that I am learning to love this new ministry. It is definitely stretching me!!!

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