How To Be Uncomfortable

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I like to be comfortable.

Warm temperatures. Fully belly. Bills paid. To-Do List complete. Plenty of sleep. Schedule just the right kind of busy.

And blue jeans.

Yet as much as I love to be content and cozy, God showed me that He is more concerned with spiritual growth than with  comfort.

And many times, our growth requires that we get in some uncomfortable places.

I’m not talking about trials, such as death or sickness or troubled relationships. I mean where life doesn’t go smoothly and we have a hard time trusting God in the little things.

A year and a half ago God led me to join the youth ministry in my church. I was excited, thinking I would make some pals and develop mentoring relationships. Not so. God told me that my presence in that room on Sunday morning is less about getting the teens to interact with me and more about being a steady influence and a prayer warrior in their lives.

It wasn’t as much fun as I expected; How do you build a friendship when you only get 2 minutes a week to talk to someone?

Every Sunday when I walked into that room, I was uncomfortable. And I hated it. I prayed that God would let the kids open up to me so I could be a positive influence. I complained that it was hard, it wasn’t what I wanted, it didn’t meet my expectations. Why did He lead me to this place and not give me opportunities to speak wisdom into their lives? I had so much to say.

That’s when He showed me it wasn’t about me or what I wanted.

He didn’t call me to this ministry so I could be comfortable. His plan was to teach me some things, and He needed more prayer warriors to join with the Pastor in speaking life over the students. More than my wisdom, they needed my prayers.

If we’re always content and cozy, how can we grow?

So I’ve tried to embrace the uncomfortable that God allows, or orchestrates, in my life.

Like when my car died and I had to drive my son’s beat-up old pickup truck for a month.

Or when our finances got really tight and we couldn’t meet the bills.

Or when I was working 5-10 extra hours a week at the office.

When I tweaked my back, shared my struggles, joined a gym.

The other day I noticed a friend, while in the process of selling her home and buying a new one, put this short post on her FB wall, and the truth behind her words gave me pause:

“I am so uncomfortable right now, it’s scary. To that I still say, Thank You Father.”

Because she knows that God moves in our lives when we are uncomfortable.


So how does a woman of God get uncomfortable? She lives a life fully surrendered to the Lord and seeks His plan for her life. She prays for Him to work in her weaknesses, free her from bondage and make her more like Jesus – nothing is off limits. She tells Him she’ll go wherever He leads, do whatever He asks, endure whatever He allows. Like Isaiah, she says “Here I am Lord – send me.”

With no regard for her comfort.

How about you? Are you brave enough to ask God to make you uncomfortable?



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I’m a wife, mom, blogger and novelist who also works a day job in the medical field. I grew up on the Columbia River Gorge, earned a BA in Psychology at Northwest University, and am currently very active in my church. My passion is inspiring women to seek Jesus in all aspects of life so they can recognize where they are living in bondage and be set free to live the abundant life God promises. You can connect with me at

4 Comments on “How To Be Uncomfortable”

  1. Thank you Jen – it’s so easy to get comfortable and want to stay there…but you’re right, it does take bravery to become uncomfortable sometimes and make it about what God wants, not what we want. I needed this today!

  2. I do not enjoy being “out of my comfort zone!” However, these days, it seems that every step God is telling me to take is completely out of my comfort zone. I am not always happy about that. But in this process, I am learning so much about Him and for that I can say, “Thank You.”

  3. A phrase my husband and I have used often in the past few years: we are becoming comfortable being uncomfortable. It’s a good (and hard) place to be. Thanks for your words!

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