Injustice: Speak or Be Silent?

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Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked. Psalm 82:4 ESV

I could write books about the many injustices in our world. The persecution of Middle-Eastern Christians makes my blood run cold. The plight of innocent refugees breaks my heart. But today I am talking about injustice towards women. Some is blatant. Some is subtle. It is all evil.

It is time for Christ-followers to wake up. We must take notice of the injustice surrounding us. No longer can we bask in our ignorance.

What are these injustices?

Domestic Violence

In Alaska, at least one in three women have been sexually assaulted. Just under half of our women have experienced domestic violence. And nearly 6 out of 10 have experienced both sexual and domestic violence.1 To put these numbers into perspective, when you go to the store, over half the women you see have been abused in some way.

“But I go to church,” you say, “There is no domestic violence in our church.”


A 2009 study found abuse in 25% of Christian homes surveyed.2 CBN News calls domestic abuse among church members a “silent epidemic”.3 The sad story of Naghmeh Abedini and the alleged abuse she received from her pastor-husband, Saaed Abedini, brings faces and names to these statistics.4

If you are still not convinced that abuse is alive and well among the religious, read Rebecca’s story at Songs from the Cage.  Or read the many stories at The Wartburg Watch.

How many women sit in our pews each Sunday, hiding their brokenness? How many cover their bruises with stylish clothes? How many feel beaten down because of verbal and emotional abuse? How many women fear to tell their stories because religion has told them to submit to their husbands without telling husbands to love their wives?

Sex trafficking

Like domestic violence, sex trafficking involves both men and women, but the percentages fall hard on the side of women. DoSomething says, “According to the U.S. State Department, 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year, of which 80% are female and half are children.”5

PricelessAlaska states that sex trafficking is the fastest growing crime in Alaska.6 This means that our women and children are more at risk today than yesterday. And they will be even more at risk next year and the year after.

Let this sink in. There are thousands of women, many of whom are still children, being stolen and sold for the gratification of sexual desires. They are used like disposable objects, paid for like property, and then discarded like trash.

If Christians do not rise to address this injustice, who will? Will society step up? Is society even equipped to handle this with grace, truth, and love?

False beliefs about womanhood

These are not blatant like the first two, but they are subtle and insidious in their destruction.

Some women believe that they are less than men in their intellect, opinions, dreams, and spiritual standing. They see themselves as nothing but servants to the men in their lives. They are instructed to walk behind their man, to wear clothing that makes them stand out, to never voice an opinion, and to live in silent subservience.

On the opposite extreme, some men see women as objects for their gratification and comfort. They draw a box around women to confine them to “feminine” tasks. Or they expect to dominate the women in their lives. In the workplace, they make cavalier sexual advances. They fail to take a woman’s intellect seriously. The antidote is truth. We must point them to the truth found in Jesus. We must share that God values both genders equally.  We must teach our daughters that they have uniquely valuable strengths. We must teach our sons to lead with respect and love.

As Christ-followers, we have a choice.

We can do battle against these evils.

We can take on the powers of darkness as we unite in prayer and fasting under the name of Jesus. We can reach these women and children with the love of Christ. Through Jesus, they will experience healing, freedom, acceptance, and significance like they have never known.

Or we can be silent.

Except that in our silence, women’s sufferings will be exploited by those who would use them for political gain. They will be encouraged into abortions that will further scar their souls. They will attempt to protect themselves by closing their hearts to people, men in particular. These poor women will drown in the justified bitterness caused by the abuse inflicted upon them.

If we remain silent, then the next generation will be hurt by the very scars that we could have healed in Jesus’ name. Another generation will grow up without seeing healthy marriages, healthy men, and healthy women. These women and children will never discover the amazing plans that God has for them as His precious daughters. Our own children could be damaged by the conflicting messages sent by their own culture.

All because we were afraid.

Because we preferred not to see the truth.

Because we were too proud to admit that there might be problems in our own churches.

Are we willing to lose our own children?

Will you join me in this crusade? Will you help fulfill Jesus’ agenda to bring liberty to the captives?

I don’t know where this fight will take us. It will be long and hard, because we are not just fighting human evil, we are battling the forces of spiritual evil.

So here is the first step.

March 12 marks the end of Purim, the celebration of when Esther united her people in prayer and fasting to rescue the Jewish people from certain death.

Please join me in fasting and prayer from now until March 12.

Consider what you can give up for these few days…a meal a day, coffee, sugar, social media, etc.

Then hit your knees asking God to show you how to make a difference. And commit to obey each step He reveals.

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Thanks to Dannah Gresh for her article, “3 Things You Must Tell Your Daughter About Women’s Rights…This Week“.





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