A Love that Never Fails

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This post is a little different from previous posts I have written, mostly because I have written a love poem and prayer to share about God’s agapé love for us.

If there was only one thing I could write about as a writer in the whole entire world, it would be about God’s love for us.  My hope and prayer is God would use the words we write on these pages to tell His story in our hearts, to shout above the noise of this world so we can hear and see how much He loves and cares for us.  I pray these pages of words tell about His goodness, His faithfulness, how He will and do anything for us.  There is nothing we could ask of God, He isn’t be able to do.  His love is the greatest of all love, an agapé love, one that can never be destroyed–one that never fails or ever leaves us.

In the Bible, there are four different translations for love in the Greek language.  We can determine what type of the love the Bible is speaking of in the context it is used.  There is a term for brotherly love ‘philia,’ a term for passionate love, ‘eros,’ and a term for familial love, ‘storge.‘  The type of love that describes the love God has for us is, ‘agapé.‘  God’s agapé love is like none other–it is the highest of all love.

We love because God first loved us.  Without God, love would not exist.  God’s agapé love defines why we are all here.

“Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”  1 John 4:8


Here is a poem of God’s agapé love for us.  I pray it will fill our hearts with His deepest love.

Love Is Why We Are Here-  A Love Poem

It is God’s wish to keep Him near
To our hearts
So keep this in our thoughts….
Be thankful and give Him praise
Even in our darkest days
It is then He will reveal His ways
And transform our hearts with rays of light
He will never quit or give up on us,

Against the enemy He will fight for us, give up His life for us

He has already won the victory against death.

Love is why we are here
It steers our hearts and paths of life
Love helps us pick our husband or our wife
Love is patient, it is kind it does not remind someone of their mistakes
It gives hope and grows ones’ faith
Love does not hesitate to show it’s face
Or wait to give one grace
It is what is given when we are forgiven
It conquers death, and covers all of our sins
It so the enemy can never win.

It makes us whole and mends our hearts
It is our foundation from where we start
Love is eternal and everlasting
It is a gift from God that will bring us everything from the Heavens to the earth
So what is the value of Gods love worth?
Be faithful my friend and trust in His love
It is the most powerful and perfect gift from above

(This poem is based off the scripture 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7, James 1:17, 1 Peter 4:8, 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Psalm 147:3 and Ephesians 3:17).

Have you received the most perfect gift from above, God’s agapé love?

God’s love never fails.  There is no brokenness God’s love can’t mend.  There is no deep dark pit God’s love can’t bring light to.  There is no burden God’s love can’t lift.   God’s love is present on every crevice of this earth.  There is no place where God’s love can’t reach.  There is no love greater than God’s love for us.  Nothing we can do can earn God’s love to make Him love us more or less.  We don’t have to wait until we are perfect to receive God’s love.  His love is available for all of us right now.

Thank you God for you’re perfect love!

How has God’s agapé love changed your life?

How can we love others with agapé love?

A Love Prayer: (Based on Ephesians 3:17-21)

Dear Lord, I pray that Christ will dwell richly in our hearts through our faith.  I pray we will be rooted and established in your love so together as the Lord’s holy people we will grasp how wide, how long, how deep is the love of Christ.  We know that your love surpasses all knowledge and pray we will be filled with the measure of the fullness of God.  Now to you God who is able to do immeasurably more than we could ever ask for or imagine, I pray your power will continue to work within us, to all be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations for ever and ever, Amen!

Join me next week as we dig deeper into God’s holy love!

In Him,


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