An Unlikely, Almighty Thanksgiving Blessing

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As Thanksgiving approaches this week, you may have the task of hosting dinner at your house thinking I’m in over my head!  There can be so much to prepare–the shopping, the food preparation, the table setting.   When in actuality this week is so much more than just sharing a meal and giving thanks, it’s a preparation for our hearts.

Thanksgiving is an opportunity for God’s blessings to overflow within us when we “give thanks in all circumstances” (1 Thess. 5:18).
This verse doesn’t tell us we need to give thanks for all circumstances, that would be silly.  God doesn’t expect us to thank Him for our suffering or pain but to give thanks in our circumstances, whether good or bad.  When we do, it allows us to see that there is always something to be thankful for even in our trials.  
Our thankfulness keeps our focus on God and His goodness.  
The second part of 1 Thessalonians 5:18, tells us, something happens when we give thanks even in our adversities, “for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  When we give thanks in all circumstances, we become complete in Jesus by carrying out God’s perfect will.  

Dear friend, has God been preparing your heart for something greater?
Have you been enduring a trial, undergoing an adversity, questioning ‘why me’ and ‘when will this all end?’ 
Sometimes our trials is God’s way of opening our eyes, changing our perspective and softening our hearts, to grow even closer to Him.  God does not desire for us to suffer or endure pain, but knows how much we gain when we persevere in Him.  
We may not always know what lies ahead or know how everything is going to turn out, but we don’t have to.  
You may be a mother to a young baby who rarely gets any sleep.  Or a single mother who rarely gets a chance to breathe.  You may be up against a giant, but know God does not make mistakes.  Our adversity is God’s opportunity to display His divine intervention.
God uses the Unlikely to carry out His Almighty plan.  
Moses was someone with anger management issues, (killed a man and buried him in the sand) God used him to lead the Israelite’s for 40 years to the Promise Land (almost). 
Rahab ‘a harlot’, risked her life by hiding two Israelite spies in Jericho.  God used her to become apart of the greatest plan ever–the bloodline to Jesus.
A little shepherd boy named David went up against the giant Goliath.  It was unlikely David would defeat Goliath, but the Philistines did not know the power of God.  God used David to not only defeat a giant but become one of the greatest kings and rulers in the Bible.
Jeremiah, was just a young teenager.  God called him to be a prophet.  At first Jeremiah wasn’t so sure, then he put his trust in God and became one of the greatest prophets in the Bible.   
When we see roadblocks, God sees opportunity.

When we see trials, God sees His blessings unfolding.

When we see giants, God sees Victory.  

There are blessings in our adversities.  There are even greater blessings when we give thanks in all circumstances and allow God’s perfect will to become complete within us.  
If God can use someone with anger issues to be one of the greatest leaders of the Bible, He will use you to carry out His Almighty plan.

So what is an Unlikely, Almighty Thanksgiving Blessing?  Our adversities.  You never know how God will use the Unlikely to be apart of His Almighty plan!
What will you be giving thanks for this Thanksgiving?  May you have a week filled with thanksgiving!
In Him,

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