To Sacrifice For Love

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What have you sacrificed for those you love?

For moms, there is much we give up, at least for a while. Sleeping through the night. Watching adult TV. Freedom to be spontaneous. Food on our own plates. Privacy in the bathroom.

This sacrifice has many forms. Much of our time and attention goes to driving our children to sports or events. We change diapers for two or three years (per child!). We clean up messes of all kinds. We stay up late for sleepovers. We make sure the cheesy macaroni and chicken nuggets are not touching on plates so no one has a meltdown.

What about for our romantic relationships? Some wives get up early and pack a lunch for their man, or start his car so it’s warm when he leaves.We watch movies we aren’t really interested in because that’s what our spouse wants to watch. We run errands for each other. We go out of our way to find the perfect gift. We pick up dirty socks from the corners of the couch, or dirty underwear off the bathroom floor. 

All because we love them.

When your husband or children ask you to do something, like stay up late to bake treats, or go to the store to buy them something they need for a homework project, how often do we say ‘no’?

Sometimes we have to put it off, but for the most part, because we love them, we give up our time and money to do nice things for them. While it can be inconvenient, we actually enjoy expressing how

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much we care in these sacrifices.

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us by dying on the cross. He took our sin, our punishment, on himself so we would not be forced to spend eternity in hell.

How are we showing our gratitude?

What nice things do we do for our Savior to show Him that we love Him?

Jesus said if we love Him, we will keep His commandments (John 14). Yet it’s more than that. Sometimes, it means we have to sacrifice things we really want.

  • no more sleeping in Sunday mornings so we can be in church on time
  • start giving up our lazy evenings or TV time to go to church Wednesday or Sunday evening 
  • stop staying up late saturday night to have fun when we know we should be in bed so we get a good night’s sleep before church (God deserves more than our sleepy, half-focused attention.)
  • choose to serve in a ministry, or two or three 
  • wake up earlier each morning so we can spend time with Him studying or praying
  • let go of bad habits like cussing or complaining, perhaps an addiction to spending or nicotine
  • tighten our boundaries on movies and music so we are only taking in things that God would approve of

Or it may be something that seems odd. Once I read a story about a woman who gave up drinking her favorite drink, Coca-Cola, because God asked her to. Was she willing to give up an item she absolutely loved to please someone she loved even more?

I had a similar experience a couple years back when I felt God asking me to stop drinking lattes. They were pretty much my favorite drink, so it was quite difficult for me to walk by Starbucks whenever I went into a grocery store.

After a while, I realized it was a test of faith. Was I willing to obey Him in the little things, even when it seemed silly? Would I do anything He asked of me, no matter how uncomfortable? After 4 months, I felt ‘released’ to drink lattes again, but I learned a lot from that experience about putting God first.

When we desire something that pleases our flesh more than we want God Himself, there is a major problem in our soul.  

My dear sister, we are called to die to self (Rom 6), to deny ourselves (Luke 9). Is there something God has been wanting you to give up or let go?

Ladies, let’s be women who chase after God rather than earthly desires. Let’s make sacrifices for Jesus, because we love Him.

Blessings, Jen

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