How Do We Fight Our Adversary?

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Have you ever wanted to be a hero?

Most little girls dream of being a princess who lives happily ever after. We dream of our white knight rescuing us from the evil dragon and whisking us away to utopia.

But sometimes, we dream of being the hero. Beating the odds. Saving the day.

And ladies, God is giving us that opportunity.

We can be a hero for His Kingdom! We can break chains and free captives. We can go and make disciples. We can pursue unity and forgiveness in our relationships. We can love, unconditionally and with abandon.

Yet, we have enemies. As mentioned in a previous post about fearing opposition, we have to be wary of the world, our flesh, and the devil. Which means we are opposed, and we must stand strong if we want to be a hero.

To be a hero, it’s essential that we fight to keep satan from infiltrating our space, the territory God has given to us as wives, moms, teachers, employees – all of it. He will try to meddle anywhere he can. He initiates division in relationships. He appeals to our flesh. He targets weaknesses and tempts us. He convinces us to ignore God. He causes discontentment and stirs up selfishness.

He is cunning, and we need a strategy to defeat him.

So how do we fight our adversary, the devil?

Resist the devil, and he will flee.” James 4:7

There are many ways to resist: 

1) Resist negativity – REJOICE!
It’s human nature to complain when circumstances are not what we wanted. We can fight the enemy by choosing to focus on our Savior rather than our troubles. Being busy can add additional stress, so sometimes we have to purposely slow down. We must intentionally look at the good in our lives and speak with a grateful heart rather than criticism and complaints. 

2) Resist division – FORGIVE!
Our human nature to offer our opinion and stand up for our rights. We can fight the enemy by choosing not to believe the best about others and not be offended by inappropriate actions. We refuse to get involved in arguments and stop demanding others hear our side of the story. Because unity is important to God, we must be quick to let things go, or apologize when needed.

3) Resist apathy – SEEK GOD!
When we are tired, we tend to let our priorities slip out of place. We can fight the enemy by choosing to stay connected to the Lord. We must study the Bible, attend church, and get on our knees regularly. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of discipline. 

4) Resist anger – SPEAK LIFE!
People will say or do things that are rude, selfish and hurtful. Science has proven that holding onto anger affects our physical health. We can fight the enemy by choosing to respond in a loving manner. We must keep sharp retorts to ourselves – sometimes it’s best to be silent. We overcome evil with good, so our focus must be on blessing and encouraging others, no matter how they treat us.

Let’s stand firm, ladies! God is calling all of us to be a hero. What are some other ways we can resist the devil?

“The attacks on your life have much more to do with who you might be in the future than who you have been in the past.”           — Lisa Bevere

Blessings, Jen

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