Life’s Seasons

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A few weeks ago and it seemed the rain just wouldn’t stop. Yet here we are, one week later, the rains of August behind us (for now). The sun has returned, but not without a twinge of fall in its wake. I don’t know where this change finds you, but this time of year, the change of seasons, always finds me with my thoughts fluttering in the gentle fall breeze.

Seasons have always been God’s whisper to me. I catalog His work in my life according to the changing of the leaves, the quiet fall of the snow, and those sunny nights that emerge in June. It seems the natural shifts in our world mirror the shifts in my own life, or maybe that’s just how I see it when I look back.

I can still remember long talks with patient friends on crisp cool fall runs in high school as I worked through my doubts about God. I remember a summer of freedom, joy, adventures, and travels, marked by a reckless abandon in my heart to simply enjoy life. I remember an autumn that brought the crushing pain of loss, and the winter of dark sadness that followed. Eventually the sunlight returned, but for years never felt as bright.

Then I moved to one of the most polluted, crowded metropolises in the world (Jakarta, Indonesia), in which there were only two seasons—one with rain and one without. Those years seem to flow together in a messy muddle, once again a mirror to the state of my heart. The days blurred together, and I had a hard time keeping track if it was December or June, they looked so remarkably alike. My heart was all mixed up too, wondering which way was up, as culture shock wrecked my once so neatly defined perspective of the world.

It was in those blurry days that beauty appeared if I simply chose to open my eyes. Blue skies would emerge after vast storms washed away the grime in the sky. Flowers poked through concrete. The most genuine smiles of street vendors lined the rows of endless stop-and-go traffic. It shocked me, but God was still working even when all the days looked grey and the same, even when for three years, my heart felt grey and the same. He was working, and I am better because of that good work.

The Mover of the Seasons—he’s always at work. He spins the planets and sets into motion the changing of leaves and the rising of the sun, no matter how briefly that sun may appear on our short winter days. He holds the whole world, and our hearts too. Even though the seasons are expected, he always has something new and beautiful up his sleeve, something to surprise us with his joy. We serve a God who is as shocking as the midnight sun and as steady as the August rain.

Whatever “season” you find yourself in, whether you feel his presence or not, take a look back and see how he has worked. Rest assured. He’s working on you and in you, and he’s not through with you yet.

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I am a life-long Alaskan who has a zest for adventure, people, and Jesus doing BIG things. My husband and I spent our first two years of marriage overseas in Indonesia, teaching at an international school. Now we’re back in Alaska, busy being teachers in local public schools, hiking mountains, and loving on our students and neighbors. No “littles” of our own yet, but I call my 120 middle schoolers “my kids,” and if going to their music concerts is foretelling of what my future holds, I will be THAT parent who is a weepy mess whenever her children do anything that requires hard work, discipline, and bravery. I have an affinity for coffee, pretty dishes, Juanita’s tortilla chips, good literature, organizing closets, and people overcoming. I am honored to write for this blog, and I love the opportunity it presents for me to discipline myself on a weekly basis to reflect on God’s work in my life.

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