Who Are You Cheering For?

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God develops the character to match the calling.” Lysa TerKeurst 

Have you ever felt ill-equipped?

Like when God leads you to a certain place, but you’re scared out of your mind because you don’t feel spiritual enough or skilled enough?

When God gives us a task, there is always a certain amount of preparation involved. He doesn’t just hand us a passion and send us on our way. We have to develop the necessary skills and grow in maturity in order to take on the mission.

And sometimes, it can feel pretty lonely out there.

For the past several years I had been wanting to attend the Proverbs 31 She Speaks conference but I just didn’t have the funds to travel all the way to the East Coast. So I was thrilled when God opened the door for me to attend the 2016 conference last month!

I met with approximately 700 women in Concord, North Carolina, all hoping to become either a published author or a public speaker.

In the past, I had been in various groups of ladies, Christian sisters and daughters of the King of Kings, where the atmosphere is uncomfortable instead of laden with love. We were divided because of:

  • jealousy over someone who had a role or quality that others didn’t possess
  • insecurity that some women couldn’t measure up with others who appeared somehow superior
  • animosity because the women all wanted the same thing and saw each other as competition

I have one friend who refuses to attend Bible studies because the ones in which she has participated consisted of ladies who gossiped, judged, and tried to one-up each other with stories. This is so sad! And yet I have seen it too many times. I have been that girl.

One of the most amazing things about She Speaks was the attitude of cheering for each other. Not once did I feel any negativity from the other attendees – we were all excited to see each other succeed.

This loving attitude was initiated by the Proverbs 31 leadership. Many of the presenters mentioned that we must never be in competition with each other, but consistently supportive, celebrating accomplishments and cheering each other on in our different callings.

I was impressed that so many women could come together without letting jealousy, insecurity, or competition crowd into our hearts and interfere with relationships. I enjoyed it so much that I determined to take it home with me.

Since I’ve returned to Alaska, I keep asking God where I can help my sisters achieve their goals and fulfill their callings. Because it’s not about who gets there first, who receives the most attention, or who is the best at what God called them to do. 

We need each other. We have ALL felt ill-equipped and insecure in our calling. Since we know what it feels like, let’s have compassion on each other and be an encouragement. We are all on the same team. God wants us to work together, to serve each other, to be united.

So I ask you, sisters, who are you cheering for?

Blessings, Jen

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