How Often Do We Pause In Reverence?

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He is a father and a friend. Since the veil was torn, we’ve had the privilege of approaching Him directly.

Yet have those who profess to believe in Him become too casual? Have we lost sight of Who we are speaking to? God is truly awe-some, but what does that really mean?

When was the last time we were moved by His splendor? 

My friend married a Jewish man, and sometimes, she would accompany him to the Jewish temple. She told me what she loved most about the service is their reverence for God. Sometimes, when I drive by, I pause to remember that word.


There are opportunities all around us to appreciate Him, and yet we are often too busy to notice. We must intentionally shift our thinking.

We must be still and know that He is God.

  • When a song comes on the radio. Do we simply enjoy the tune and the beat, or do the lyrics touch our hearts? “The God of Angel Armies” is always with us. Can we picture it? Do we really understand how amazing that is? We are personal friends someone famous, someone courageous and strategic! Greater than any earthly general or commander, we know a mighty warrior, the King of Kings, and He fights our enemies for us!
  • When we attend church. His house. His residence. His dwelling-place. And yet so often we are more interested in talking to each other than focus on Him. Criticizing each others’ outfits. Searching for attention and approval. Complaining about the chosen music. It’s become a place of opinions rather than a place to meet God. Are we excited to go see Him, this amazing Prince of Peace Who saved us, or do we grudging gather our families for service?
  • When we read the Scriptures. Do we read to check the box on the to-do list, or do we really take the words to heart? He sits on a throne in the Heavens. He commands the wind and the seas. He knew us intimately, before He laid the foundations of the world. He is sovereign, He is abounding in love, and He has reserved a place for us in Heaven! 
  • When we get outside in nature. Far too often we fail to notice the beauty around us. He is an incredible artist! Sandy beaches. Rocky mountains. Waterfalls big and small. Rainbows. Sunsets. Glaciers. Various creatures of the air, land and sea. When was the last time we stood in awe of His handiwork?
  • When we pray to Him. We have the privilege of being informal at times, because He is a father and a friend. But do we take that for granted and forget His true position in the universe? He is the Alpha and Omega, worthy of our devotion and adoration. Do we begin our conversations with praise, as Jesus taught us to do? How often do we tell Him how great He is and how much we love Him?

“…For I know Whom I have believed…” 2 Tim 1:12

Blessings, Jen

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