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An interesting question was posed—(and I’m paraphrasing) what example does the bible give that is contrary to how the world exists today…

As soon as we were given freedom to chat among ourselves answers were fired out left and right…slowing down only to give the address of where it is found in the bible. Answer after answer; example after example—those things that showed that life needed to be lived opposite of how the world survived was unmistakable. I thought my friend captured the essence of what we were seeking well—desiring relationship with Christ instead of being seduced by the charms of the world that we live is a very real and daily battle.

As I listened to the discussion and smiled at the truths that were being shared, I looked to another friend sitting at the table and I saw her heart breaking for a woman sitting right next to her—I was struck by the tangible presence of God in that moment—my friend’s eyes locked onto the one who’s heart was pouring out and nothing else in the world mattered to her at that moment—

My heart felt like it was doing backflips of joy! As I grinned ear to ear, I thought, “Wow! What an excellent picture of God!”

His gaze fixed upon the one who pours out to Him.

When time is spent with Him (however often you choose it) nothing else is more important—no one will distract Him, no one else can push their way through and into that time with Him because with you is where He longs to be.

Before witnessing that love filled moment, I had been distracted by different things, sometimes by the movement around me, sometimes the traffic going by, sometimes my own thoughts and questions about others and sometimes they were my own voice annoyed at the way I have been distracted.

Like a pebble dropped in a still pond, I watched the ripple of the thought waves move in rings to the sandy banks of the shore where it lost its momentum and stilled. This visual in itself helped me to quiet my mind enough to recognize where I was and what I should be doing…being present in that moment and recognizing Jesus in it.

I smiled to myself at the simplicity of the thoughts running through my head.

I can sit here in the quiet and not feel like I have to fill it with the sound of my own voice because it’s when I listen wholeheartedly to your memories and your pain or when I listen to you as you share the joy and love you have of the Lord—I’m honoring Jesus in you.

I could do nothing but grin ear to ear—which as I think back on it…such an awkward time to be grinning—as we sit listening to the heart of this hurting woman. God gave me grace in that moment to not have anyone see my smile and I looked down at the floor thinking, “it’s because i get to look at Jesus in you that I smile and my heart is filled…”

To which I lifted my head and nodded with a content smile.

I’m not going to lower my head at recognizing Jesus in that moment. I love that I see Him!

Joyfully His,

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