Do You See The Good?

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Isn’t life grand?

Like watching a sunrise on the balcony of a resort in Hawaii.

Seeing your children’s excitement over a baby Gecko that snuck into your hotel room.

Reading on the beach. Surf lessons in the bay. Breakfast on the balcony.

Or finding your youngest curled up in bed with her daddy. Or seeing your oldest pick out the same shirt so he can be like dad. Or hearing your kids double over with laughter when your husband tells jokes.

Waterfalls and rain forests. Coffee and ice cream. Theater and water slides. 

Taking in the view as the sun sets over the ocean.

All too often life is hard. Evil creeps about, distracting us, stealing our attention. The Bible did warn that there will be trouble.

But sometimes… sometimes life is good.

“… the earth is full of the goodness of the LORD.” Psalm 33:5

There are times when we’re overwhelmed by good things, and we can’t help but praise the Lord.

Like when we’re on vacation, surrounded by His beautiful creation. As I sit watching the gentle sway of the palm trees around me, I hear the song of tropical birds (and the occasional crow of a rooster).

And I wonder…

Will I still see the good when I go back home?

I mean, I know there is good all around – the Bible says so. It’s easy not to notice because I get busy living life.

If the earth is full of His goodness, why am I not seeing more of it?

I don’t want to miss out. Could it be that I simply haven’t paused long enough to notice?

There is so much to be done, keeping women busy. Between work and church, football and debate practices, cooking and cleaning, surely there is good. Maybe it’s before. Maybe it’s after. Maybe it’s during.

I hope I pay better attention in each moment. Because I want to see the good. I want to see Him


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