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I am a lazy mom at bedtime. The routine is painfully simple: jammies, teeth, bed. Once they are in bed, I drag my tired self to each bedside to tuck them in. The younger ones beg for stories. Books take too long, so I started telling short stories about my childhood…the time we ate sardines on the sailboat because someone forgot to fuel the portable stove. Or the time I slept with a sock on a camping trip because my favorite stuffed animal had been left behind.

This lazy habit of telling 30 second stories has evolved. Not satisfied with stories about me, the kids helped create their own characters. One kiddo loves to hear stories about an imaginary dog named Spot who likes to fish and ride skateboards. Another begs for stories about Sprinkles and Fifi–a girl who puts sprinkles on everything and her mischievous pink poodle. 
Just like little children, we all love stories. They help us learn about history, other cultures, and other lifestyles. Through stories, we live outside ourselves and participate in another world. We can experience the world through different eyes. 
God also loves stories. He directed men to write 66 books full of stories about romance, war, espionage, beauty, destruction, healing, second chances, and most importantly–redemption. All through the Bible, we see God’s story…
He created a perfect earth and two perfect people. Given a chance, those two chose self-gratification over their Creator. Their sin unleashed evil on the once-perfect earth, cursing the ground and earth’s inhabitants. But God began preparing mankind for their eventual redemption. Several thousand years later, God sent a part of Himself to earth. The God-man, Jesus or Yeshua, lived alongside His creation. He felt our pain and experienced our joys.
In perverse pleasure, God’s creation rejoiced at killing the God-man who dared to challenge their religious traditions and status-quo. That didn’t stop Yeshua from willingly giving Himself to pay their sin debt. It didn’t stop Him from conquering death once and for all by coming back to life. Yeshua, the God-man, returned to His Father, but he sent a piece of Himself back to us again. The Holy Spirit now resides in all who humble themselves, repent of their failings, and follow Jesus. 

It is a beautiful story. It is a true story. God created man. Man rejected God. God redeems man. Man communes with God now and forever. 

Sadly, not everyone will enter into this story. Not all will experience their full potiential of redemption. Maybe pride or shame keeps them away. Maybe they are distracted by flashier stories. Maybe they just don’t understand enough. Or maybe they just prefer their own gratification. 

Will you claim this story as your own? Will you claim the redemption offered to your wounded, lonely soul?  Whatever void is in your heart can be filled by God’s redemption. Let go of the things that hold you back. Enter into His loving arms. 


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