The Power of the Words We Speak

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Mama used to tell us, “You paint your world with your words“.

She said the way we talk makes a difference in how happy and successful we become in life. She encouraged my siblings and I to believe in ourselves and refuse to speak negatively, to stay away from complaints and choose to look at the bright side.

But sometimes I still wondered.

Is there really that much power in the words we choose to speak?

I soon discovered that Mama knew what she was talking about, because it was God’s idea first.

Over the past couple years, God has been challenging me to consistently speak life.

1) Are my words uplifting and encouraging? Full of hope and life? Do I promote peace?
OR Am I more negative, speaking with despair, criticism, judgement, or complaint?

2) Do I speak positive things over my life and other people? Does blessing flow from my speech?
OR Do I curse myself and others by saying words that tear down and create bondage?

3) Do I humble myself, as Scripture commands? Am I trying to please God with my words?
OR Do I promote myself and seek to make myself look good? Am I trying to impress others and win their approval?

4) Am I grateful for the good in my life, despite the bad? Is His praise continually on my lips?
OR Do I complain and focus on all that has gone wrong? Do I tell everyone around me about my negative circumstances?

5) Am I careful with my words? Do I think through all I want to say and speak with purpose?
OR Do I speak whatever comes to mind based on how I feel – careless words without wisdom?

Speaking death often comes easy because of our fallen, sinful nature. As representatives of Christ, we must choose to intentionally speak life, regardless of how we feel in the moment. 

There is power in our speech. What about you? What are you painting with your words?

Blessings, Jen

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