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This past weekend, like my fellow bloggers, I was blessed by this ministry and Vicki Courtney at the Unchained women’s retreat! It was so great to see so many different women from many different churches around our great state! It was great to worship, laugh, cry and just be together as sisters in Christ.

Vicki Courtney shared many great points, scriptures and thoughts. Many chains were broken for so many women over the weekend. I don’t think anyone wasn’t blessed by her sessions. For me personally, there were three things that just stuck with me and I will take my next three blog posts to share those things and expand on them.

First, Vicki talked about things that hinder us from experiencing over and above what we typically do.

1. We are Over-Committed! This one hit me to the core. I have many things that I am involved in. All are good things, but there are just a number of them. But is MORE actually LESS? The Bible says in 2 Peter 2:19, “They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity- for a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him.” Are you constantly on the go? Do you tend to not take time for yourself, your family, your marriage or even God? I am personally evaluating my list and making sure that I have time for my family, my marriage and especially for time with God.
   2. We are Over-Connected! Another one that opened my eyes. Do you feel lost without your phone? Do you feel disconnected if you don’t check Facebook everyday? Does it get in the way of your schedule, your family, your marriage and again your time with God? Well I have been feeling that I needed to take the Facebook app off my phone, it just acts as a distraction for me. One I don’t really need or want. God validated this for me and so I removed it. Honestly, it has been an adjustment, but one I’m willing to continue to work through.

I am completely blessed in SO many ways and could not imagine experiencing above and beyond that, but I am excited to see what God will bless me with as I work through these things.

Do you think you are missing out on some things that God has in store for you? Can you imagine experiencing above and beyond what you currently do? I encourage you all to evaluate these two categories. Do changes need to be made? Pray for guidance as you consider that. I know I sure am!



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